Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Beautiful, Tony.



Well…it could be worse I guess. The top still looks good. Still irritating!! I didn’t think deer liked Jujube leaves!!! Apparently they like everything I plant so far. Smdh


So far I haven’t had trouble with deer and I hate to say anything because then it will happen! But I think everyone needs a pack of dogs hanging around and a few cats. Not nearly as much wildlife damage as a lot of you. But then who knows what will happen tonight!!! I did have a little green watermelon just disappear and a couple of little coon like tracks. I’m glad your HJ it isn’t stripped completely.


Wow this is an impressive thread! What varieties have folks found to set the best tasting fruit? Im going to add some jujubes this fall.


we prefer sihong, chico, li, and other relatively unknown varieties, when grown here in vegas, but many also like sugar cane and hj, which are good as well.

below are hj and a bonsai’d sc


For our little group of people who all planted HJ and or SC at about the same time this year…where are the update photos? :slight_smile: Hard for me to say too much since I haven’t posted any either, but I just don’t have much to show. I’m actually pretty disappointed. Mine took off so well when they first started to come out this spring, but after about a month they just sort of stopped growing. Mine still look almost exactly like @zazlev ’ s pic taken way back on May 24. The good news is my tree still looks very healthy- all bright green with now yellowing, wilting, etc. But it just isn’t growing much at all. I think I may have a couple tiny fruitlets but they are so small I’m not certain if they are actual baby fruit or just late flower buds. I’ll know in a few days.

Right or wrong (@jujubemulberry please let me know?), I did just fertilize my 2 jujube trees with a good dose of 15-15-15 general purpose granulated fertilize. Hopefully that will give them a little boost of growth.

How about the rest of you? How are your new jujubes? Of course yours look great, Raf, but of course they aren’t this year’s plantings. Still, it was a REAL pleasure to see your trees so loaded with fruit-something to look forward to!


My HJ isn’t fairing well. It came nice and tall but it’s really looks to be suffering. My Sugar Cane which was really small is doing well and has budded. Photos of it would be sad… :grimacing:


OK, you asked for it :slight_smile:

New Honey Jar from EL (Boysenberries and raspberries are near):

New Honey Jar #2 from EL (the one at the bottom of a hill I pictured earlier in this thread):

New Honey Jar from JFaE (this one gets a bit of shade in the late mornings- neighbors have a tree they don’t want to get rid of…):

Sugar Cane from JFaE (note that a tomato plant has passed it…):

Sugar Cane from Trees of Antiquity (growing well- I’ll be interested to see if this or the EL HJ do better. For now, I think the ToA SC is in the lead). I planted it in place of a Winecrisp apple which had runted out and not grown at all in the 6 years it spent there, so it is the only new tree in a row of established dwarf apples.

I know you asked for new trees, but these last few are newish… planted last spring.

The largest one from last Spring is a Li. The graft at the top (over 7’ high) is Kuk Jae 1 Ho, a Korean variety.

Black Sea, from OGW last spring. They sent me very small trees, so they are still well behind the new ones in size. But I’ve heard such good things about Black Sea, that I’m hoping it puts on good growth. I’ve been helping it along with some extra hose water…

At the end of the row in the distance, you can see a So from JFaE from fall 2015. It was a very nice tree (larger than the ones this spring), but the cold at planting zapped it back to only a few inches tall. Now, it is about the same size as the Black Sea.

Coco, also from OGW last spring. This one is being passed by the weeds. After taking the pic, I pulled them, but you can tell how short it is when this happens in a few weeks…


If you’ve been looking at my last post (the pictures) during the first 8 minutes it was posted, please excuse any issues. It seems I ran into two types of problems:
1.) Some of the pics are turned on their sides
2.) Some pics are massively cropped, to the point where only half the tree is visible.

I solved #2, but not #1 (you’ll just have to turn your heads a bit :wink:). For anyone else interested, the trick to undo the cropping is to swap the height and width in the tag for the picture.

For example, change:
width=“666” height=“1000”
height=“666” width=“1000”


Your trees grow really well. Mine are OK. Lot of new tips burned. I chalked it up to young shoot vs heat.


since both are still alive, hindsight indicates that it was ok. Personally, we don’t advise fertilizing bare-root trees on their first year. Most of them have more stem and leaf-to-root ratios on their first year, which could add to osmotic issues and/or overdose.
but then again, am probably not an expert about fertilizing jujus, since never fertilized our trees. I bought a bag of 15-15-15 many years ago, and ended up giving it away since there’s no reason to fix what is not broken. The selection of fruit trees and vegies we have are all fine being grown organically.

speaking of stem-to-root ratios, looks like your sc has a lower ratio, explaining why it is doing much better. If your HJ is still alive, it is likely currently busy growing roots instead of stems and leaves and flowers. As with most plants, leaf and stem growth are limited by size of root mass and root viability. Cuttings generally don’t grow vigorously when initially planted, and merely compelled to grow a few stems and leaves to be able to produce some food. Food that will be devoted to grow more roots. A full-canopied tree that is pruned severely or chopped down to a stump will grow vigorously from what few buds remain on the stump. Whereas a full-canopied tree with all its leaves removed, and 80% or more of its roots hypothetically pruned will struggle leafing out, if at all it will. Bare-roots have the same circumstances. Thus said, it is often advantageous to get scion wood from bare-root trees to lessen the stem-to-root ratio and increase chances of getting the cultivar propagated should the bare-root specimen fail. We bought many ‘extra large’ chicos from BR and some of them had severely pruned roots and muscular stems. Many of them runted out on first year with very short stems and a few leaves, and only bounced back from being planted bare-root on the second year.


First year Honey Jar from Edible Landscaping. Flowering. Lot of flowers turned brownish.


Contorted/So from Burntridge, arrived and planted about 3-4 weeks after Honey Jar. Has flower buds on those branches already.


I think your HJ has more growth than either of mine. I have the burnt tips too- in fact, I posted about them a few days ago in this thread:

Your yard looks so neat and well maintained. I’ve (mostly) been doing a better job this year (cardboard helps a lot), but it still looks like a dense, unkempt jungle compared to yours.

The trees I’ve gotten from BR have been similar- little growth in the first year. I’m seeing better growth now in the 2nd year from the HJ and Chico I got from them last year. Of the trees I got from them this year, one actually hasn’t leafed out yet. Given the lateness, I’m planning on reporting this to them soon.

One other thing to mention on my newly planted trees- in places with high deer pressure, they get eaten. Evidently, I’ve not had deer in my yard, so I hadn’t considered this (knocks on wood). But, I planted two at a more rural rental and almost all the new growth was eaten back. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to bounce back and grow through it. The 6 trees I’ve planted in a much more urbanized environment (a few hundred feet from route 1) have been fine.


It’s probably growing just fine. It must need to grow it roots before it adds more leaves. You could try to force it with fertilizer but that would not be healthy for the tree. If you don’t get good growth next year than you have a problem.
My Li graft on a small rootstock only grew 3 inch last year. It’s growing very strong this year.


I found the cause of this picture rotating bug for the Discourse folks but they have yet to fix it. Many large megapixel cellphone shots are handled incorrectly now.

For a temporary fix, do any kind of editing on the picture either on your phone or on your PC - e.g. rotate then rotate back, crop, resize, etc. Upload after this edit. Saving from within a normal photo editing program puts it in a format where Discourse will not mess up.


I see most folks on this thread have multiple trees growing, Are jujubes self fertile? Ive read a lot of conflicting information on this topic. I would like to plant one this fall and hope they will pollinate themselves.


Around here, most houses have no fence. In my neighborhood, my yard is often messy with plie of dirt, mulch, potted plants, etc. the rest keep their yards and driveways clean :blush:

When you have time to travel to central MA, I’d love to have you stop by. You can complete a tour of my small yard in about 30 mins.


I know that some varieties it is reported that they need another pollinate. I do know that Li will fruit without another tree because it is all I had last year and I had fruit.



HJ from EL 2017

Fruit (between 20-30)

Now before I get everyone riled up about my tree having fruit let me show you 2 more this year’s trees and one from last year…combined total of fruit on these next trees… ONE

So (Contorted) from BR 2017-- NO FRUIT

Lang from BR 2017 – NO FRUIT (But it has out grown the HJ)

Li from BR 2016. Still only about 3 ft tall and only one small misshapen fruit. It bore 8 fruit last year as a twig. So perhaps I should be pleased that the Lang and So are focusing on growing this year!