Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


That’s right!! I didn’t think of that. Good call. Thank you!


One of my jujubes is putting out a sucker in the plum row one over where I recently removed some trees. I’m letting it take over and will put a scion on it in a few years :grin: This is the kind of expansion “planning” I like to do.

My jujubes are going to make a lot of flowers this year, lets hope I get some fruit as well.


a vigorous specimen with plenty upright growth. Quite promising for any recently planted bare-root. :slight_smile:


Actually, after further review this morning he told me his tree was given to him as a sucker from an older Chinese lady 15 years ago. Hmmmmm


From what I’ve been told some of the wild trees make some nice fruit. But you can always turn it into whatever you want it to be…:grin:


If that tree was a sucker then you are good to go and don’t have to worry about grafting. you got a gem on your hand.



No fruit set on my one honey jar I planted a few months ago. Lots of little flowers but they all seem to fall off with none setting fruit. Maybe I need another type like SC for better fruit set? How are yours up the road doing @thecityman?


I do have some small fruit in my honey jar. However on my Contorted I had a couple of small fruit that have aborted. Last year on my Li I did not get fruit with the first bloom but it bloomed again in July and fruit did set at that time. I did not have other jujus last year. But I can’t say to HJ. My Li has very sparse fruit set this year so far but it is growing like crazy. I think fruit might be compromised for growth and maybe vice versa.


Thanks Katy!! Hopefully it’s just more concerned with good growth this year and in subsequent years it produces lots of Koolaid!!


It will most likely bloom again this year. I really don’t know the length of your growing season though. Ours is quite long but your tree is in sync with mine at the moment.


Is it really distinct blooms? Every time I looked at my So for the last two years it was flowering, so I figured that it was just everbearing. At least until it has enough fruit to put its energy into.

I don’t think they even need super long growing seasons, though I bet it helps for some late varieties (Winter Delight- Dong maybe). I checked my records from a few years ago and when I grafted Honey Jar, the first green from the growing buds was on June 9th. From which it went on to flower, set, and mature fruit by Early October (a few weeks later than the next year).

Here’s what my Honey Jar from EL looks like. It’s the same one from the above pic (post #358).

Some jujube grafts are taking their time to wake up as well. I made 19 jujube grafts between 4/29 and 5/1.

The first 5 woke up about 2 weeks ago. Then 9 more a week ago. Just in the last day, I saw 3 more takes, over a month from when I grafted. That brings me to 17/19 (89%), which I’m pretty happy with.

Here’s a blurry pic (Edit- pic updated to remove blur…) to give you an idea of how the earlier takes have grown (2 Bok Jo grafts on a Shanxi Li):


By that do you mean do they have separate blooming sessions? I don’t know. I haven’t observed them enough to be able to say they do but right now on my So the blooms have gone and it is growing. I do have, I think, one fruitlet that is holding but I don’t see any blooms at present. So I defer that question to someone that can definitively say.

I don’t think so either but I think they can bear more than one crop per year in places with long growth seasons. My Li had a second bloom period in late July when it set fruit and those were mature by late September/early October. Most of mine have bloomed and had fruitlets in May this year. It is a very prolific tree and does surprisingly well in the shorter season areas. Yours are looking good. I hope to try some grafts next year.


yes and no. Younger trees tend to have fewer branches and buds, so may have separate blooms after a flush of growth. Older, bigger trees with full canopies will have more dormant nodes which may grow randomly.

moreover, in regions with shorter growing seasons, there may just be one growth flush(of upright growth) each year. Since the younger laterals borne higher may fall behind in blooming compared to the older laterals, the tree will give the impression of being ever-bearing.


Mine sounds almost identical to yours, Zack. I’m actually a little disappointed in its progress but I think its doing fine. It looks almost exactly like the one in Bob’x first photo above. But it’s looked the same for last 2-3 weeks. When it first started showing growth it really pushed a lot of great looking green for 2-3 weeks. And then it produced a lot of blooms. But after that it just sort of stalled out. No much new growth for a while now, and like yours, my blooms are starting to fall off now. But it is a healthy green color and no signs of any yellowing or wilting or anything. I guess it just sort of leveled out. That sound about like yours or is yours still putting on a lot of new growth?


All my jujube grafts took except one took forever (over a month) and I yanked it out only to discover it was well-calloused and green and probably ready to take off any day … oops! I have had this happen to a few jujube graft before so I should have known to wait a bit longer.

I have lots of flowers just opening now. From past experience I have learned that doesn’t translate into set.


Sounds exactly like mine here Kevin. New growth slowed way down, blooms falling off. Still green. A little pause I guess. Would love to see some fruit set. Doesn’t look like it will happen this go around but I’m still optimistic about its future!! :+1:


it happens quite often with bareroot jujus, especially with those with proportionally small rootballs relative to calipers and number of buds being supported.

if you don’t have an early cooldown or early autumn in your area, it may still fruit this year. Depending on your region, gestation period to actual fruiting may depend on length of growing season in your area, plus pollen availability.


I’m going to be patient with the last two. I used up all the wood, so there isn’t any point in opening it up anyways. Even if they don’t take, I’m satisfied because I have at least one and sometimes 2-4 takes of each variety.

I’m especially happy that I look to have a take on TVA R1T4. This past winter, after you mentioned how highly Cliff spoke of it, I ran out and took a cutting off a graft which hadn’t done much. After 2 years, it was still only 3 buds long. So, I cut off 2 of them and grafted it high in my most vigorous young tree (Li, which put on 4-5’ of growth in the first year).

I’m most surprised by the 3 apparent takes on newly transplanted suckers. I did the same thing last spring and was 0/2, both of which were grafted successfully this spring.

If I sound too happy about this, it is probably because I am…Making a lot of peach and grape grafts, with mixed results sets my expectations lower, so when everything works I’m pretty excited. I love grafting things like apples/pears/plums which just work.


I did a few Jujube grafts this year and they are leafed out nicely. Thanks to Castanea for the wood of Orange beauty. I can’t wait to taste this one.


Orange Beauty grafts

Shanxi Li


Same here. But, my Honey Jar from Cliff England is now blooming on every branchlet.