Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!



I do not want to hijack the posting but I have a Li from EL and I have had it for a year and a half. I have not received any fruit from it and very little growth. Is there anything I can do to boost the growth or do I need to be more patient. It is about three feet tall. Thanks for your help.



Give it some nitrogen and plenty of water.



Wonderful! Thank you.


tonyOmahaz5. Thanks.


And sunshine…needs sunshine to fruit.


totally agree! Jujus should be planted out in the open, far from taller structures/trees which may cast shade over them.


forgot to mention that there is a chance it might be a lang, often a case of mistaken identity since li and lang are often grown in pairs. Even the photo posted by burntridge nursery of the li they are selling seems to be a lang, considering that burntridge is a relatively reliable nursery.

we bagged flowers of lang last year and the cultivar seems sterile without foreign jujube pollen.


Thanks. The Li I have is my first Jujube. I thought the jujubes were self fertile at least LI and Lang. This is a great thread. Do you think I should get another jujube will they cross pollinate…


Everyone need AT LEAST two jujubes!!! :grin:


LOL. Is Li thorny?. I was reading that Lang does not have many thorns.


yes, li is way more thorny than lang, but lang may also have thorns while young.

can you post a picture of the thorns of your tree? jujubes generally have asymmetrical thorn pairs on their laterals, and li tends to have one straight dagger and a curved one per pair, while lang tends to have a slightly crooked one and a curved one. .

li is a proven self-fertile cultivar, and may well be the best juju for beginners or if you only want one tree.

lang seems sterile on its own, but like @k8tpayaso said, it is best to have more than one cultivar, since it helps gets rid of the paranoia. If you only want one tree, and are handy with grafting you’d find that jujus have high success rates.


Thanks for all your help. There are no thorns yet. I was reading that it can be thorny which I was trying to avoid. It is still small. I will post a picture this evening. Thanks.



Currently at groworganic.com


Burntridge Nursery is selling them also for $35.



I’m wondering if I might request a small scion of Black Sea (or Mango Dao Zao) - just one piece with caliper ~<1/4" from a jujube grower here? Folks who sell these things appear to be out of them or don’t carry them. :blush:


Never ordered from rollingriver nursery before but they have 7 remaining Jujube winter delight trees :deciduous_tree: left for $30 a piece. So damn tempting. :joy::joy: however I added enough already for this coming season. Really been eying the winter delight though. :astonished:


Your just an addict like the rest of us Koolaid drinkers. Actually I saw that and was tempted…


HAahhaha!! You got that right.


Is Shanxi Li worth planting if one already has Honey Jar and Sugar Cane? How’s the taste?


I’ve been told that Li is better than Shanxi Li. I have Li but haven’t tasted Shanxi. I really like Li. It’s larger than HJ and SC with very good taste. Not quite as sweet but delicious. And Li is a very good pollinator and should ensure even higher production of you HJ and SC.