Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Doans nursery in Irving have Jujubes. I’ve never been there but BHawkins says they carry DWN trees that are nice.


Treeseeds.com and one of the member last year had some he sent me. They grow very easy for me. I must have 10 or more seedling now that I will graft to when I get some scions.

Thanks for asking.


am pretty much done giving away stuff this year, but could play santa one last time.
pm me your address if you need just a few juju spinosa and ant admire seeds(pits, actually, which you still need to crack).


I got the Bay Laurel order last week. Here’s a pic:

I’m a bit disappointed in the size. After the 3/4-7/8" LEC monsters I got last spring (from EL) and the DWN tree which was just under 1" the year before (from Sanhedrin), I had expected more of the same. Instead, the largest from the order was just under 3/4 and there were 2 which were under 1/2" (the Sugar Canes). Interestingly, the order was a mix of DWN (white tags) and LEC (blue tags).

3 Possibilities:
1.) Maybe it was just a bad year for growth, so they are generally smaller. The 3 I got from Grow Organic, which were 5/8+ to 3/4 which is smaller than the past ones, but bigger than the BL trees.
2.) Maybe when you order 7 trees rather than 2-3, they send smaller ones, so that they can fit more in the box.
3.) Maybe they send the bigger ones out earlier in the season and as one of the last to get trees, I got the left-overs (they stopped taking orders a few days after mine shipped). If true, this would be a bit annoying, as I ordered them long ago (October) and at some nurseries it is when you order that they reserve the tree, not when they ship out.

It looks like BL did the same root pruning on the jujubes that some have complained about on other trees. Most of the roots are 6-8", while the GO ones were over a foot.

Last year’s Honey Jar from LEC (EL):

Overall takeaway: I don’t think they are bad trees, but they fell short of what I was expecting. The root pruning and smaller size would probably make me look elsewhere in the future. One option would be to get them at Grow Organic in Jan or Feb, whenever a warm-up occurs. They shipped almost immediately, so while the timing would be tricky (to get them before the ground freezes again), it could work.


I have some coming from England’s tomorrow. I haven’t had any from there and I haven’t heard anyone comment. I know they grow their own.


I have an order coming from them soon (April) too. They sent me some nice scionwood and I’ve also got 4 trees on order. Please post a pic and let us know how they look.


Yes, I will. I’m kinda like a kid at Christmas. I did get an Autumn Beauty earlier from OGW. It was a small potted plant. These will be the only bare root jujubes Ive ordered this year. So, I’m ready to open the box!


have seen plenty bare-root contorted specimens and continue being amused watching them grow, but seeing someone else’s still never fails to make me smile and snicker. Trees aren’t supposed to elicit humor, but contorted’s are just congenital comedians!


I received a partial shipment from England’s of only two trees, Li and SiHong. Both are size large. Unwrapped they are both at 69 inches.

Caliper of Li above graft site was ~1/2” and SiHong was ~5/8 inch. Planted they both stood 59 inches.


Last three trees arrived from England’s today. They are the medium size. Left to right are Redlands #4, Jin Chang, and Xu Thou. This will be an experiment to see how well they grow and produce here. The roots are really good on these three.



Terrific!! More Koolaid for you!!


All different flavors!!!


Very anxiously waiting on my honey jar from burnt ridge…


This is my new jujubee addition: DaBaiLing, Hama,and Winter. Hope they are still alive and leaf out when weather warms upIMG_20180303_160325940_HDR


Very nice! Where did you order them from again?



The lady in CA


Very nice, Annie. Look forward to your report about their fruit.


Winter Delight is one of the last to ripen. Plus the fruits do not have that much flavor. Nor is the winter branch structure anything special. Unless you have a long growing season or a lot of space Winter Delight is one you can avoid. Buy two Black Seas instead.


Winter Delight is very very very late. And the fruit is nothing special other than the size. I will be shocked and amazed if it matures fruit in zones 5 or 6.


winter delight is a cultivar that has eluded me(and @Bhawkins), that both of us bought winter d from onegreenworld to give it another try. And if not mistaken, Bob also bought another autumn beauty just to make sure, and so did i, lol ! So we both hope that ogw gets it right this time, but their comment at the link below says winter d is ‘one of the earliest’ which makes me paranoid anew…

and speaking of foul-ups, i may have ended up with two black seas as the massandra i ordered seemed to have the same shape/size/quality fruits as the original black sea i ordered a year earlier. So it is one foul-up that somehow ended well. I planted both in more desirable spots in the property since you speak highly of them. Specimen trees are still tiny, so borne only a few fruits not enough to make a definitive assessment-- but the few were pretty good!

the hoarder that i am, ordered another massandra from ogw so it better be the real mccoy…