Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Based on that odd description I am concerned that OGW is once again selling the wrong WD.


quite possible they are, as they have stopped selling it for several years, and resumed just this year(and under ‘new management’ ).
still hoping though that the description and picture they posted were wrong, and that the actual trees they have been sending are the real thing.
from what could eke out of the thorns and hue of stems, the winter d they sent us is totally different from the autumn b we received from them. Can’t wait for them to fruit!


It would be more fun to take the risk if they weren’t so expensive.


you said that right. I just browsed ogw’s juju page and quite shocked to see hj already sold out-- even at a 60$ price tag! Some buyers might be disappointed if the fruit size and flavor profile does not match their individual preferences


I’m enjoying this thread again this year- the old jujube gang is growing. Old members are expanding and new members are joining all the time. We’ve had our limit of kool-aid jokes for a few days so I’ll refrain, but it is fun seeing people like myself discovering and growing their interest in jujube. Thanks to @jujubemulberry’s generosity I got to try a lot of this fruit before I picked my own, and they are really good. Meanwhile, my trees here on the TN/KY line have just started to send out green this year. A lot of the really small twigs comming off the main limbs (a little like watersprouts) died over the winter but the main scaffolds and leaders are in good shape. Hopefully the rest of your trees are waking up, too. @k8tpayaso , based on the way your trees left most of us behind last year, you probably are already picking fruit this year! (kidding!)


Hey everyone,

I planted a Shanxi Li jujube last year from One Green World. It seemed to grow well last year but I’m afraid it may have bit the dust. There has been no signs of life on it this year so far. I did the scratch test and there may be a little bit of green on the branches, but the trunk didn’t show any green. Any suggestions if I should pull it up or should I let it be for awhile and see what happens?


Leave it… they take their time starting to grow sometime. If it scratches green then it should wake up.


jujubes wake up extra late so it could just be typical behavior. The new branches should not be wrinkled or dull, thats the sign they are not going to make it - they should look the same as the ones on the tree when you got it from the nursery.


Looks like we are both zone 7 and my jujubes both just now, and just barely, show tiny traces of new green, so it could be too early. Also, I’m not sure of your level of expertise but the scratch test can be a little tricky for a lot of people- its easy to scratch too deep or not deep enough. Finally, unless you just really need the space for something else, why not leave it for a couple more weeks (or more). Nothing to loose and you could get lucky. Hope it turns out well for you.


Sorry Kevin, I have eaten all the fruit from this year… or I would send you pics of it!!! I do have some blooming though… I’ll be glad to post some photos! Lol.

In fact… photos of my juju nursery. Rootstocks from 2017 and 2018. Some are still in the koolaid
cups… no…I didn’t say it…



Thanks for the input. I’ve used the scratch test successfully before and that is why I’m a little confused. The small branches still have a little greenish yellow tint and are pliable. I could not locate any green in the trunk. I would just like to know asap so I can try and get a credit for it (one year warranty?) or replace it. I’m planning on giving it some extra time because this has been THE WORST spring I’ve seen since I’ve been gardening.
Thanks again. What Jujubes do you grow?


One other criterion on the shoots is they should show sap is flowing. It won’t pool up or anything but it will be visible as wetness when you cut - shiny not dull. The yellow color doesn’t sound too good honestly, also shoots rubbery mean they are on the way out. I have a jujube graft dying now and I’m sure its not going to make it but its still showing some green.


It doesn’t look promising, I admit. This would be my first orchard fatality, hopefully my last.


Just from experience the wood and bark of jujus are so hard that it is really difficult to do a scratch test. They notoriously take their time waking up and some of mine woke before others did. If the branches are still supple I would wait unless you are positive there is no life. And several of those lateral branches are not going to leaf out. The smaller lateral branches will be shed after one or two years. My first year with my Li I was surprised that it “self pruned”.

I have Li, Contorted, Chico, Honey Jar that all fruited last year. I have Lang that has not fruited and I have now added SiHong, Xu Thou, Jin Chang, and Redlands #4 from England’s. They were all bare root this spring and are just now getting green. I also have a little Sugar Cane that I planted last fall and a small Autumn Beauty from OGW that was a potted plant. So I guess you could say I’m Jujube crazy!



Well, those photos settle it for sure, Kate. Your jujube obsession is completely out of control and you have totally lost your mind! haha (This from a guy who knows less than anyone about growing fruit but has about 130 fruit trees). And it wouldn’t surprise me if you had already managed to pick fruit this year…I remember last year we planted out HJ and SC jujubes at the same time, and every time I’d start feeling proud of my 2 trees you’d post yours and let all the wind out of my sail! That’s when people say things like “it’s not a race” because they are just loosing! ha. Seriously, though, that is amazing that you are growing that many but also that you seem to be having a lot of success with those starts.

@growjimgrow - I have said on several posts that this is undoubtedly the worst spring we have ever had. It has rained almost daily for over a month and temps have been far below normal. So you are right…its just an awful year! And I agree with @scottfsmith. I’ve often seen a scratch test on a dead tree to show pale green to yellow that looks dry. Usually that is when death wasn’t too long ago. Some of my figs look that was now and I know they are dead. Good luck


And yes, the yellow color sounds funky. Usually a red or gray.


I’m about a year and half from retirement. I have a plan… I’m going to graft them over and sell them. I’m going to be a Koolaid distributor. Hopefully!


Sign me up, I’ll support your retirement.


With the growing popularity of jujubes, I really do think it might be a great way to make some extra money. I’m sure lots of people right here in GF would love to buy some. You mentioned this 10 minutes ago and you already have 2 customers (me and Jim). BTW…dumb question time: how did you start all those little guys? Seeds?


Yep… well, there a three or four there that are suckers from trees but for the most part they are seedlings. And I’m only getting about a 40-50% germination/viability rate so that’s a lot of seed cracking!