Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Actually after looking again that’s a pretty bad pic I took. I’ll take another one and post soon. @thecityman Kevin, how did your blueberries take that last killing frost on April 20th? It wasn’t 100% catastrophe for me but is much worse than last year.


Now that seems strange to me! Here we are less than 40 miles apart and at about the same latitude and elevation, but my blueberries suffered absolutely no damage at all that I can tell. And I have all kinds of blueberries- high and low bush. they seem to be on track for my best year ever!

Let me be clear, though. My blueberries about the only thing that didn’t get hit by that and /or the other late freeze. I lost about 90% of my peaches and probably 95% of my plums. I have about 6-8 plum trees that have a grand total of 1-4 plums on each tree TOTAL. That HURTS. Peaches are just a little better. Most trees have 10 or so peaches, and 2-4 trees have probably 25 peaches per tree. So I’m going to have some fruit for myself at least. So to me that is light years ahead of loosing everything, which has happened some years. I think most of your other trees are still too young to fruit anyway, right?.


Very strange, but happy to hear you’re headed to a great blueberry crop this year. Sad once again to hear about your other stuff. And you are correct my stone fruit is all 2-3 year since planting. I had some peaches and plums but not a chance any are left after April 20. 3rd year is next year. That always seems to usually be the first sign of fruit. Hopefully, unless we get another two week past average frost again!!! Damnit!!
I do notice some Montmorency blooms that have occurred after the big freeze of April 20th so maybe I will get a small sample of that this year and possibly some persimmons, jujubes and mulberries all of which bloom late. Hopefully we both get to try that Honey Jar Jujube this year or we both will have to head down to Texas in the middle of the night and raid @k8tpayaso lovely sister tree of ours. Hahaha :wink: :astonished::heavy_check_mark:️:joy:


I HAVE A PACK OF DOGS!!! They guard my trees…

Come on down…



Hahahahaha! Yes Ma’am and they are doing a great job! We are just a wee bit jealous. Ha!


(They would probably lick you to death but I’m not going to tell that…)



No, no use going down there…I’ve decided Katy is just really good at photo shopping…her trees can’t be as good as they look. :slight_smile: hahaha


Yep…that’s it!


Holy cow…there you go! Fully developed, open blooms? Really? Must have taken you hours of photoshopping! haha (Hope you know half my fun on this site is giving you a hard time for actually growing such incredible trees!) Those really are great pics and it is amazing your trees are so far along.


Lol. I have 14,000 photos on my phone. I have 6 grandchildren. Those kids don’t stand a chance against my plants… it’s sad, really!

Spring has sprung here and we are approaching summer. Latest picture on my phone… a wild bloom that is as fragrant as the honeysuckle behind it!

Here’s hoping for lots of jujube fruit for everyone this year!



My Jujubes haven’t broken bud yet. Last Saturday nights’s freeze got lilac bushes…but little damage to fruits I think.


@jujubemulberry kindly sent me…uh…well maybe yet to be determined scions. These are Winter Delight.
Black Sea has yet to make her appearance.
These were the smallest scions I’ve ever grafted. So thankful they succeeded.




My trees had their smell on today! There is no picture that can show that but it’s something I wish I could share. There were mason bees and red wasps and yellow jackets and who knows what other flying stingers buzzing about the jujubes. It was almost like they were fighting for territory!



Hi @justanne4 the winter d is more likely to be autumn b.

incidentally, too thin to work with–those scions.
Master-grafter, you!

your upcoming ~200 juju trees will surely fill the air with fragrance !

even here in almost zero humidity, juju blossoms manage to perfume our surroundings. But best amplified in an enclosed courtyard setting and misted with the garden hose . One more benefit of manually watering our trees :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll bet y’all think I don’t have anything else to do…

Just a few of the insects buzzing my jujube trees today:

And because of these I have these



I’m seeing the same thing in my backyard on the Honey Jar and Sugarcane. Just about every bug is going after the tiny flowers. Must be some tasty nectar!


I really enjoyed those! Very cool. My 2 jujubes are really starting to take off too. Thanks to @jujubemulberry’s incredible generosity and effort, I was able to sample several jujubes last year so I know how good they are and cannot wait to try my own.

How are your baby trees coming? You probably already said, but when and how do you plan to graft all those seedlings? Will you bud graft them (I don’t even know if that is possible with JJ’s but I assume so?) and whatever method you use, when will you do it? And for the most important question of all…when do you think you will have jj trees for sale?


I really enjoy eating the jujubes. Mine are beginning to show fruitlets and that excites me!!

Here are pics (of course I have photos!) of some of my baby trees.

Young ones…a couple of months old.

These are about 9 months old.

Here is one from January 2017 that was one of the smaller ones that I didn’t graft to this year.

Here is a Li that I grafted this year to one of the January ‘17 rootstocks. For perspective that is a two gallon pot.

So…all that to say I really don’t know when I’ll start selling trees. They grow like wildfire. I made some mistakes grafting this year that I hope I can correct later. My “plan” to start out with is to hopefully have some small trees ready by Fall 2019 and hit the local farmers markets and flea markets with sample fruits and trees. It may be 2020. I don’t know. I’m trying to grow an orchard full of scion wood and part of it depends on that too.

Because of the nutritive value of this fruit and the ease of growing the trees I am going to try to do my best to educate people that don’t know about them and populate more areas with jujubes. Will I sell and ship? Maybe. I haven’t figured that much out yet.

Thank you @jujubemulberry for seeds, scions, and support!


You know, even though I’d seen that photo of all your seedlings that were in cups and I’ve heard you talk about growing and grafting jujubes, I really didn’t have a feel for how serious you are getting into this. Those look like they were taken in a “real” serious tree nursery! (which they were!). They look almost perfect too. Way to go girl. Keep us posted.