Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


burros are great watch animals. Not only will they protect other livestock against coyotes but you can add black bears and mountain lions to the list too. The mules will be aggressive to grizzlies too. Though i have been in the wilderness of Montana in areas with high wolf populations, i have no experience on whether mules are aggressive to wolves because wolves are very very elusive anyway.


@thecityman I’m going to post this picture just to see if you can come up with any verbal abuse…I’m a bit bored!! :grin::grin:. This is my Honey Jar from last year. Actually I think the foliage is a bit skimpy so if you want to say anything about that… :flushed:.




It’s a good thing you have such a great personality, because if it were based only on your tree photos, I’d have a VERY hard time liking you! haha. I’m also convinced you put that part about the “foliage is a bit skimpy” just to add insult to injury and really push my buttons! :slight_smile: No, Ms. Katy, to the rest of the world that is NOT “skimpy”. And since this is a family friendly web site I can’t use most of the expressions I’d like to when looking at the overall size of that tree and then thinking about my own! That’s just not right!!! Oh the Humanity!

(you seem to have a great enough sense of humor to know I’m just having fun with you…but thought I should mention it to be sure you don’t think I’m serious in any way! I secretly enjoy seeing your amazing trees- but I’m too proud to admit it)


:grin: I can always depend on you for a bit of levity!! I know I’m way down here in the south and my trees leaf out ahead of everyone but I’m ready to start seeing photos of the jujube clan! It’s finally spring. I have a few grafts that are growing. Anyone else grafting?



I haven’t even seen first signs of growth yet … it might be there by now but after many years of looking looking looking and finding nothing I try to ignore them until they yell “I’m growing!” with some big green stuff.


Not yet, but soon. I’m putting my jujube grafts later than other fruit trees (other than persimmon), as I figure that they aren’t growing yet anyway. Last year I did most of my jujube grafts around May 1st and this year has had a colder spring than last. Given my 19/20 success last year with jujubes, I don’t think I’ll change much :slight_smile:

Of course, even though I had a very high take rate, I don’t think that most of my grafts grew that much. Maybe some adjustments can lead to more growth in the first year.

On the list to graft:

Zhou Chui Wang
Dae Sol Jo Dae Chu
Orange Beauty
La Fleur
Large Fruited Seedling
Qiyue xian


I made several jujube grafts last week and wonder how much time will past to see new growth from them, so I can regraft eventually unsuccessful ones.


Wow! Is that the same one that a few of us all bought together? I will try and get a pic of mine soon but it wont be that far along. That’s awesome Katy!


It has really grown up. There are a lot of branches that are bare this year and those are mostly on one side of the tree so I don’t really know what to think about that. It’s loaded with bloom buds so I guess we’ll see what it does. It is hard to believe how fast they do grow and I’m sure my sun and heat have a lot to do with it.



Some of mine took off really fast but I’ve had others that took 3-4 weeks to get started. I don’t know if that means it won’t be strong growth. I guess time will tell on it. I do have several grafts with some promising growth.



I just got 1oz of seed from him (way more than I needed lol). It looks exactly like the seed I got from treeseeds (and maybe they do post ‘cracking’) but I guess I trust Englands more based on how everyone around here talks about their nursery.


I would think the seeds look alike or so many would not be fooled until the seedlings proved themselves. How many seeds in an ounce?

I would trust Cliff until I found out different!! Lol. I know they advertise seeds from their orchard. And I’m pretty sure they grow their own rootstocks.


More than I can use this time around lol


Wow. I have planted as many as 350 at one time but that looks more than that!!



Sister HJ tree of yours @k8tpayaso that a bunch of us including Kevin @thecityman purchased at roughly the same time last year. Pic taken today. Waking up a bit not quite like yours down in Texas but coming along.


Yes it is!! Looking good. Although we had a tough winter we haven’t had a freeze since the middle of February. That gives me a head start… :grin:


Nice pick, Zack. Mine looks almost exactly like yours, which is no big surprise as close as we are! Hope they put on some good growth this year.


This is my favorite tree…today…

Chico jujube

A bloom today…

Most likely NOT a pollinator :confused:



I would like to train the top of your tree to straighten up with a support pole. I just worry about the fruit load in the future will break it.



It’s actually sturdier than it looks in that photo. It has a lot of balance growth going on too. Here is a photo from the other side

We actually had support poles on it for a long time and it got much more stable when we took them down. I know that’s hard to believe from the picture but the new growth is looking good. Chico tends to be a bit sprawling.