Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


They are Chinese Date Tree, which I took for Jujube trees. I have Jujube seeds that I planted last year they may not have weathered the Zone 6 weather. I also have two Jujube trees I planted last year that one died in about 3 months and the other appeared to do well. It is still cold here and haven’t seen any life in any of the trees from last year…

This ZONE maybe a non Jujube zone… If any one wants to pay for shipping on the Chinese Date Tree that I can box up and ship out, I will gladly do that.


I really thought you had a new game like PONG… instead using paperclips …




It’s frustrating. You definitely are in jujube zone - just have to get the right species. The same thing has happened to me 3 times with 3 different seed suppliers. I ordered Ziziphus jujuba seeds and they turned out to be Z mauritiana, which is what you got. I spent some time last year trying to get a positive ID since so many online photos can be mislabeled. Most everyone, including some Phds from India said they were Z. mauritiana. Maybe check out Sheffield’s Seeds. They sell Ziziphus jujuba spinosa - this is what you need.


Thank you, I will check them out. I did plant seeds that @jujubemulberry provided last year and hopefully they come out this spring… if spring ever comes here in Ohio.


So are we saying it appears the jujube seeds from Treeseeds.com are likely not the spinosa variety? I just tried finding it on their site and can no longer find the listing but I purchased seed from them back in December.


That is what I am being told. I checked the Sheffield’s Seeds site and the seeds I saw there were recommended for not lower than Zone 7. So for now I’m holding off.


I just saw a post on Facebook about treeseeds.com were not Z. jujuba. Seems someone else bought them too.


England’s sells seeds. I’m sure he would know what seeds he is selling.


Remember the joke I made yesterday about how you were probably already picking fruit this year based on how fast your trees grow? After seeing that photo of the 2nd year contorted its just not funny anymore…now I’m just mad at you! (haha kidding of course). But that is crazy. Do all your trees down there grow that fast or is it just a magical place for jujubes (or, conversely, maybe my place is just very slow, but based on others comments in the past I think it’s more about yours growing fast. Do other fruits do that for you?


I think Jujubes are just fast growing trees. That being said I really don’t have much base of comparison as I am a newbie “tree grower”. I have first year Apple whips this year and I’m wondering how fast they are supposed to grow. We do get lots of sunshine and warm weather though so if it’s a plant that likes warmth it’s gonna do well here.


OK. And I don’t have much experience with jujubes so as I said, I don’t know if yours are growing really fast or mine really slow. I just know that last year we planted the same size and types of jujubes trees and yours was more than double the size of mine by the end of the year. And the 2nd year contorted you just showed is much, much larger than my 2nd year jujubes. SO I was just curious Thanks…and good luck with your new babies.


They grow pretty slowly for me. Peaches are a fast growing tree, where you can plant one which is 2 feet tall and have a 10 footer in a year or two.


That pretty much sounds like jujus here. Mine from last year are 8 footers. That Contorted is only about 6 1/2 but it’s getting there.


It looks like jujubes really like sun and heat.

What do New England has to offer? So far - cold and cloudy!!!

Well, that does not stop several of us here from growing them.

Kathryn- your trees look very healthy and happy. Care to share your secret? Do you sing to your jujubes :smile:


:flushed::flushed::flushed:. My singing would NOT help…my son as a two year old would say “Don’t sing, mummy!” :joy::joy:
Everything here always looks good in the spring…until the heat and humidity starts ravaging everything. But jujus seem to like it! So do mulberrries and persimmons and figs. But I can’t grow a gooseberry, raspberries taste horrible, and cherries won’t set fruit. So I’ll grow lots of jujus. I think it is fantastic that you guys in New England get them to fruit!



jujus start to get tricky in northerly areas where cold weather or late frosts can be lethal to young specimens. The aim is to grow many from seed and simply let the genetically-weak die out, and use the survivors as rootstoc. Using seed from good-eating cultivars increases chances of getting new good-eating cultivars and may never have to graft


Will keep you posted. I still appreciate your seeds!


Nobody panic. My Shanxi Li is putting on new growth. I can see very tiny green buds coming out of the trunk and a little on the branches. Thanks for all those concerned.