Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Mine hasn’t grown a lot this year but it does have a few dozen fruit. Maybe you get either growth or fruit but not growth



They are drought tolerant but that doesn’t mean they don’t like water. Mine do much better when watered. And I think they fruit better when they have enough water. You may be getting more rain than we have…it’s horribly dry here this year. I was reading about a juju farm in Australia and they water every other day until mid summer and then every day. Not sure if they are in desert or not though.



Thanks Kate! I’m going to start watering more.


I lost both I had one HJ and the other a Sugar Cane. The place I got it wasn’t interested in replacing.


I somehow missed you talking about getting a SHerwood. Was it from someone on here? Why are you not sure what it is?

Listen, I just went out when I got home and took a closer look at my jujubes. Turns out I DO HAVE FRUIT! Most of it is tiny…like the tiny blooms JUST fell off and there are a few tiny little fruit left behind. Most of them are on my HJ but I also have a few on my SC. Strangely, I also noticed that there are several (maybe 5-6) fruits that look like they set but have already turned yellow and are clearly going to fall off. Oh well. I’m glad I’ve got a few fruit, hope you will too.

And no, I’ve never watered mine and it has been very dry here this year.


Mystery jujube was given to me as a sucker from a coworker and his tree he originally got from an old Chinese lady. All the comparisons suggest it’s a Sherwood on its own roots.
Fantastic news you are having some fruit set!!


I want a sucker off that tree!!! I’m jealous!



That may be a real possibility sometime in the future Katy and would be happy to oblige.


That’s not right…


Sherwood is supposed to be hard to get to fruit but one of the ones with better taste. Very interesting if that turns out good!!



The sugar cane was dead in the first 4 months


Check out the jujube water discussion on this thread.



That’s really strange. Where did they come from?



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I now have flowers for the second time this year on my 1 year jujus. Is this normal?


it is normal if your jujus are very happy. Older jujus will even have three or more bloom periods, especially in the southwest. Both old wood and green wood will bear fruits later in the year. Which means will have fruits in different stages of maturity, so will have harvests over a long period. Quite unusual, and of course-- quite desirable :slightly_smiling_face:



Are any of your HJ seedlings making any fruits this year?



I have a good load of Chico and a fair amount of Honey Jar. My Li is disappointing with probably ~ 20 fruit. Lang has about 3 fruit after dropping a LOT. Contorted has a few. One of my new trees this year that is about 3 foot high, Xu Thou, is loaded for its size and still blooming. Jin Chang, another small tree has 3 large fruit and my Autumn Beauty—a sprig of a tree —has had a half dozen of which 4 have been eaten!! (And were very good). We’ve had a very dry year. I had trees blooming last July so I’m hoping to get a second fruit set.


I just now noticed that you said Honey Jar seedlings… hahahaha. I have some blooming. I had one with a fruit but it just dropped. I have an u known seedling (one that was an edible fruit) that has several fruit that have set. I have rootstock seedlings with fruit.



I was hoping that your HJ seedling hold on to the fruit to see if it is a keeper and to be a brand variety. Maybe next year.