Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


Maybe but then maybe in August this year???..


My jujubes have been flowering for almost a month and I just noticed the first tiny fruitlets. So far, most are on So and Honey Jar (the HJ which is a graft on So…I didn’t notice any on one whole-tree HJ, but will check again as I have several). There were also a few fruitlets on Sugar Cane and at least one on a Tae Sang Wang graft from last year.

I’m watering frequently (every 1-3 days), trying to size up my So seedlings. I’ve got a couple which are over a year old and 3-4 more from this past winter. Though my older ones are probably smaller than Katy’s new seedlings…


forgot to add, jujus aren’t just capable of bearing fruits in different stages from subsequent new growth on fruiting spurs, but also quite able developing both fruits and flowers on the same deciduous stems(herbaceous fruiting stems). Took some pix of cultivars doing just that, from top to bottom: contorted, winter d, sihong, massandra.



I see that the Vegas heat burned some of your jujube leaves.


have been out most of the time the past couple months, so the potted jujus tend to suffer from my spartan treatment , as i tend to water them by hand and in a hurry so sometimes not enough. They amazingly bounced back with new growth and amazingly didn’t have significant fruit-drop and even produced additional flowers on new growth. During periods of drought, jujus seem to prefer shedding their foliage first before they shed their fruits.


The older ones. One in-ground and the other in a pot next to it.

The new ones from this past winter.

A zoomed in pic of So, with 2 little acorn-shaped fruit:


Just found 3-4 tiny fruitlets on a HJ seedling that is blooming good. I hope they hold!



Let’s hope they are real good!!


My second year jujube trees (HJ and SC) have grown a stunning amount this year- both up and out. Really doing great. But what is a little strange (to me) is that even though they are just a few feet apart and both of them bloomed like crazy for a very long time (still are I think), only HJ has set fruit. And it has set quite a bit- maybe 15 or 20. But not a single fruit set on my SC. I’m not worried about it- the tree couldn’t be healthier and I’m sure in time it will produce, but it is just a bit odd to me that these two trees that are similar, that are pollinators for each other (I think?), same age, etc would have such a difference in 2ed year production.


I’d try to get another (the more varieties the better). When talking about pollination some are viable in the morning and others in the afternoon - so you never know.


glad to hear your hj is setting the tone and holding promise, despite being relatively young.
hj seems to be the most cosmopolitan apart from being incredibly precocious(even as same-year grafts).

i agree. When growing jujus, it would be advantageous to play the field. One instance when a roving eye for several prospects is not sinful :grin: Besides, juju trees are happier and more inclined to procreate when they mingle with multiple partners. A bunch of hippies who engage(literally) in ‘flower power’


Kevin, you are doing much better than me as far as fruiting goes. I like you am getting great growth from the Honey Jar but unlike you I have zero fruiting. I added a Li this year but it has not flowered and I also have another Jujube that should flower this year. So hopefully if all three flower next year I will get at least some fruit set.


I was wondering about yours, Zack. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had better luck. As you may recall, I actually got a couple fruit my first year and a lot more this year from one of mine. Perhaps you and I both will have to add a few more like @jujubemulberry and @Harbin suggest. These are so easy to grow that I wouldn’t mind having a few more. If only I knew someone who was about to start selling a bunch of jujube trees in the next year or two…(@k8tpayaso)

meanwhile, I know most of your other trees are just second year, but did you get any other fruit? In spite of the late frost that I thought had almost wiped me out, I’m going to end up having a nice peach crop from about 5 trees. Your day is coming!


if it is true that hj is an evening bloomer and sc is a morning bloomer, you’d theoretically have met pollination requirements for any other cultivar you’ll be adding to your hj and sc. Li is supposedly an evening bloomer, while chico is a morning one.

there might be afternoon bloomers too, but it’s getting a bit complicated to belabor if one’s planning to add more cultivars anyway.


I’m shooting blanks for yet another year :frowning_face:

I have some newer trees in sunnier locations, they are in their third year and no fruit there either.



I think my full grown jujube rootstock flowers really help pollinating all my jujubes. You may give it a try.



Hmm, oddly enough a long time ago I did have better pollination, and around the same time I discovered my so-called Li variety was in fact the rootstock - small fruits only - so I topworked it. I have a dozen or more varieties so figured I was covered for pollination, but maybe not. I’ll see if I can let a few rootstock sprouts grow out. I had a bunch this spring but I topworked the biggest one and cut down the rest.


Last year was my 2nd year of Sugar Cane and Shanxi li. Shanxi did not flowered much. SC had no pollination partner. Honey Jar was new (a replacement). I may have fewer than ten fruit all together.

What a different this year. HJ is 2nd year and full of flowers. SC 3 yrs old) has flowered so prolifically. Shanxi li (3 yrs old) is producing 1/2 of the flowers SC is producing. I also have So and Massandra in pots, which I conveniently set them next to HJ and SC. In addition, my this year’s grafts of Autum Beauty, Jin and Dong Zao also have flowered. I think they all help with cross pollination.

I also have seen small flying insects ( flies?) in addition to bees and wasps. So far, so good. There are a lot of fruit set on HJ and SC and some on So and Shanxi.

@scottfsmith, I am surprised that your 3 yrs old does not set fruit this year.


Scott my guess is you’re missing some nutrient essential to jujubees. If you figure out what it is, it’d be worthy of a paper. You’ve probably done a standard soil test, nothing unusual?


One thing I did for my jujubes this spring that I did not do the first two years was fertilizing them. I gave them both urea and Plant Tone, a few weeks apart. I don’t know if it helped but the trees have grown well and seem happier.