Honey Queen raspberry

Does anyone have any experience with Honey Queen raspberry? I’m looking for a hardy yellow raspberry that bears on the floricanes. I’m reading conflicting information if it’s a primocane or floricane producer, or both.

I have Fall Gold and a couple other everbearing types. I didn’t realize SWD was so bad here. I basically don’t get a fall crop and I’m considering removing them and replacing with early varieties.

i have cascade gold but its struggling in my clay soil despite being planted on a shallow mound. it fruits mid season though so may still get hit with SWD. big delicious berries though so worth growing i.m.o.

It’s hardy there? I was finding zone 5/6

Its a floricane fruiting variety. I just put mine in this spring…it was very hard to find previously…but seems that it will become more available in the coming years as it is in many nurseries now.

It was developed in Alberta Canada by Robert Erskin so its bred to be cold hardy. Not much info on ripening in warmer climates as it is fairly new to US. In Z3 Canada of course it will ripen in summer.

Its one of the few rasps that will do well in shady areas.

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havent seen any damage over the last 3 years so i guess it must be.

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@krismoriah @steveb4 where did you get your plants from? Sounds like I need both now.

think i got mine from Jung or Park seed.

I got mine from Bay Laurel Nursery and they were very nice plants 2 y/o dormant canes with nice roots from Dave Wilson Nursery $7 each. Order them in Sept for delivery 2024.

One Green world has tiny plants now for $13 each but probably will be closing their shipping season very soon.