Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


Sweeter? The last thing I would say about them was that they were sweet. Blistering hot, but not sweet. Glad you like them.

No peppers for us yet, but we planted them very late.


Yes, I’m planning on getting a dehydrator and making some powders and flakes from those, besides roasting some on the grill. Did you ever try smoking the peppers before grinding? I’m not sure if that should be before or after dehydrating.


When accustomed to chili heat, they are fruity in comparison to say, cayenne.


yup. relative sweetness, to be sure.
not sweet compared to, say, a nectarine or raspberry, but sweet in the chili realm.

btw, i accidentally rubbed the skin below my right eye with bulgarian carrot residue on my forefinger, and boyoboyoboyoboy did that sting for a good 15 minutes.


No I have not, but that sound like it would turn out awesome. I would smoke them prior to grinding.


LOL! did that the other day with a Numex habanero! couldn’t focus that eye for a half hour! wife was asking why i was rubbing milk on my eye!


the new Numex habenaros aren’t as hot as a reg. habanero but hotter than a jalepeno. i put some in a chili the other day. they have a nice fruity taste before the heat kicks in. made for a great tasting hot chilli.


Well, some of y’all might think Bulgarian Carrot’s are on par with Jalapeno or Serrano, but the ones I grew were far and away hotter than either of those. I’ve also grown those, and I can eat either one of those straight up and it not really bother me, even tho Serrano’s pack more of a punch.

Maybe it’s the soil I grew them in, compared to growing them in pots? They get lots of sun in the garden, so maybe that’s a factor. Plus, I never water them, even though we get plenty of rain during the summer.

Regarding flavors beyond the heat, I get that, Hab’s have a bit of a fruity flavor, and White 7-pot’s have sort of a grassy flavor. But, that sensation is quickly replaced by the hotness.
I’ve never grown Cayenne, but am trying them this year.

The orange habanero’s I grew seemed to be just a bit hotter than BG. But, either of the 7-pots I grew blow all of them away. Both varieties of 7-pots were so hot when I sampled them straight up, I thought the capsaicin oils were seeping out of my pores on my face. Quite an interesting, but not too pleasant experience.


My wife once cut up a bunch of jalapeno’s, without gloves when we were making salsa. She was fine up to an hour afterwards, and then, oh boy, was she hurting. It was a rough night for her, she had to keep wet washrags on her hands to get some relief.

I cut up some Hab’s last year, and guess my gloves had a hole in them, or just didn’t work, and I had the tinglies in my hand overnight, not fun. Now when I cut up any hot peppers, I double up on the nitrile gloves.


In terms of both scoville and human scales: the average jalapeno is medium-mild, serrano is medium, and bulgarian carrot is medium-hot.


the BG (battlestar galactica?) carrot is no joke with respect to heat. but I found the heat in my mouth to be far more tolerable than the heat on my infraorbital skin!

re: serranos, this year I had two different batches, both store-bought. one was almost as heatless as a bell pepper. the other batch contained what must have been the hottest serranos in the yuniburse. stung my mouth like a mudda, and kept on stinging at near-panic levels for 10-15 minutes. the heat of those serranos were in hab territory. makes me wonder whether it was a crossed strain.


There are many strains of jalapeno and serrano, plus a few of bulgarian carrot. The New Mexico Chili Institute gives a wide range for the names of each but then identifies some strains they’ve tested.


These are Sepia Serpent peppers. Pretty hot like 700,000 + Scoville unit.


Are those what keep you young and good lookin’? I need some!


With such a compliment, I’ll send them to you for free :smile:

On a more serious note, if you want to try them, please PM me. We have two plants and lot of Sepia Serpent peppers. We tried the dried one that we kept from last year. It still was very hot. My hubby said he could feel the heat in his ear. We have not tried eating this fresh batch yet.


How is the flavor, besides hot? Habenaros have a fruity flavor, serranos and jalapenos have their own flavor too. I tried a ghost pepper sauce and found the flavor not to my taste.


Oh and thanks for the like on the “I need some of those”, Fruitnut.


My taste buds are not very refined so I asked my husband for his input. He looked at me and said “It was hot and…extra hot.”

I could not detect much because I only tried a tiny bit.

I know what you mean when you said you do not like certain peper flavors. I can tolerate Habanero heat but do not like its flavor at all.


I couldn’t find a rating by NMSU. Perhaps another lab has listed measurement results?


Various websites gives different #. Some claim this variety contains over a million Scoville units. I will ask my husband where he got this figure from. He is more interested in this than me.