Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


Anything over about 400,000 Scovilles eaten undiluted is perceived only as pain by humans – it is off the dynamic scale of our nerves. Consequently taste cannot be used to estimate the relative heat of peppers in that range. Lab equipment is necessary.


I am not sure if I want to take a bite of my ghost pepper. I usually like the high heat in my foods.



My hubby does not understand what your point is.

We got the info from various websites specializing in selling hot pepper seeds. If their measurement is not up to your standard, you will need to contact them.


I don’t understand what your point is.


I have a few GP pods that are shaping up too, although they’re not turning color yet. I have never grown them before until this year, so I’m a bit apprehensive, too. What 's the hottest pepper you’ve grown?

My red Cayenne plant is starting to produce a few red pods, and I have sampled some jalapeno’s. They are both pretty warm, but the Cayenne seems to be a bit warmer. I have three yellow Habanero plants, and there are a few that are turning orange.

I also have White and Bubblegum 7-pot’s growing of which I am familiar from last year. Yikes, so hot they made my actual sweat ooze capsaicin oils, at least it felt like it. Never experienced that before.

Regarding Mam’s pepper, the Sepia Serpent, I see here that it is rated at about 1M Scoville’s at a couple sites.

I read on there that the Ghost Pepper and Bubblegum 7-pot are both rated at 1M. So, they are both beasts regardless.


This one is skinny and long not as hot as those posted, but is popular in China Sichuan region


My peppers are taking off and the fruits are spotless this year, no crazing. I don’t have any crazy hots. My soil is sandy, some fruits have sand on them, but otherwise they’re very free of blemishes this year.
Caperino Cherry Peppers

Jalafuego Jalapeno, they’re pretty big

Hot Rod Serrano


We’ve been grazing on quite a few different varieties-yellow banana, Fish, jalapeño, pepperoncini, Cayenne, Habanero, and some long green banana that I can’t figure out. It is supposed to be Corni di Toro, which is a mild red banana when ripe, but these have some heat to them, maybe they’re Anaheim?

Oh, and my Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) plant is huge and has a few red pods on it, so they’re ready, and my two 7-pots have some pods on them, but not close to ripe. The three Hab plants are big too, with plenty of pods on them.

We’ve had a very dry and hot summer, and I haven’t been watering the plants, so I imagine these will be even hotter than usual. Some of the plants are a bit pale, but most look good, I might need to give them some liquid fert soon, though. They get a lot of overnight dew, so that prob keeps them going.

I have big green pods on my two Beaver Dam plants, but they’re still not ripe yet. Odd plant, last year they were very precocious and ripened quickly, but not this year.

Anyway, a few pics-

Clockwise from top right- Anaheim(?), orange habanero, Fish, red Cayenne, and Ghost in the middle.

The Fish peppers are medium hot, Cayenne’s are maybe a degree hotter, the Fish has a good flavor despite the heat. Haven’t tried any Hab’s yet.

Close-up of the Ghost, it has that menacing looking devil’s tail on the bottom of it. I grow these super hots for sauce, not fresh eating. So, I know I shouldn’t, but I want to try it out. But, you know. Anybody wanna dare me?


i bought some ghost pepper powder from pepperhead. been using it sparingly in some dishes. did a 2 shake in my chill a few days ago. nearly burnt my head off but was tolerable. its does have a slightly fruity taste until your face melts! :wink: got some naga viper seeds I’m going to start indoors next april. if i get enough pods, id like to try and make a sauce with them. grew a bunch of numex habaneros and hot bananas that i made a kicker salsa with. the plants are still producing but the cool weather has slowed them down. they are living on borrowed time now.


I’ll take any slow down right now…Send us some Cool weather. 70’s would be fine…anything lower would be worth paying for this year!


was near 70 today. 75 tomorrow. heat wave for us this time of year but not unheard of. we already have had 2 killing frosts but i got lucky because we are on a hill.


I grow Bubblegum 7-pot, and I cannot taste any fruitiness, bubblegum or anything else, the heat kicks in immediately. Makes me cringe thinking about trying another one. Don’t know how much hotter a Ghost Pepper is, but with them and 7-pots at 1M Scoville’s it doesn’t really matter at that point.

I made a sauce with 7-pots last year, I ended up with two half-pint jars. It’s hot, but I like to put a little sauce on a lot of meat dishes, especially chicken. It’s not intolerable, but you have to be judicious with it too. I think I’m on my last jar. My wife won’t touch the stuff, she can hardly stand a jalapeño.

We had a huge orange Habanero crop last year, so we made a jelly out of it with apricots (store bought). A very interesting flavor, sweet, tangy, and a bit of heat. I posted a pic of it on here somewhere.

Here it is-


And some hot sauce I made from the rest of the Hab’s-


Naga Viper are nasty hot from what I’ve heard. You should start them much earlier, like in Feb or March at the latest, because they can take a while to sprout and then grow. I started all my peppers, including my super-hots, in April and didn’t get them in the ground until late June. So, I’ll be lucky to get any 7-pots ripened before the first freeze. I am getting Ghost and Hab’s, but not all those will ripen in time.

I have a Chocolate Hab, Ghost Pepper, and BG 7-pot still in cups, so I might pot those up, and see if I can grow them inside when the weather turns cold.


just some quickie notes, since i’m studying for a beastly exam. will post pics later in the year.

aji pineapple: have to use my imagination to taste any pineapple, but if i let go that expectation, it’s a decent pepper. hotter than a serrano.

paper lantern habanero: the hottest thing i’m growing, and the heat is quite tolerable and edible. i’m glad it wasn’t face-ripping heat. maybe it would be hotter if i underwatered it? fairly productive, and the green-to-ripe transition is very lovely to the eyes. i will have to add another plant next year.

bishop’s crown: still ripening. only four peppers from a plant in a nearly four-gallon pot, but the low productivity is understandable, given how large the peppers are.

bulgarian carrot: i like it. too bad the plant’s not very productive.

jaloro: very low heat. it’s almost a bell pepper. somewhat low productivity.


do it. do it! :grinning:


Do you “double-dog” dare me??


I double-dood dare you.


I started growing about 4/5 years ago after giving up smoking and now have an arsenal of 162 varieties with varied heat but mainly superhots as I have an addictive nature😁
I make powders, jams, sauces, spicy sausage rolls, pies, vodka etc etc.
My main goal is to create my own hybrids.
This year I grew 25 varieties!


Since we had a light freeze last Sunday, and were expecting another last night, I decided to pick the ripe ones (and some unripe ones) before dark set in. There are still a few plants that didn’t get totally fried, so I covered those.

I ended up picking five gallons of various varieties, including a full gallon bag each of Fish and jalapeno peppers. I also picked a couple gallon bags of Anaheim (or some long green banana peppers) and Beaver Dam’s. The last gallon bag was full of red cayenne, pepperoncini, orange habanero, and a handful of 7-pots.

In addition, I picked a bag of about a dozen Ghost peppers, muwahahaha…

Guess we’ll be doing a lot of pickling, making hot sauce, and freezing the rest.


carefull to not melt your face off with that last one Bob. i got the powder from a little goes a long way. my puppy has been chewing on the edge of the end table , so i mixed ghost pepper powder and some olive oil and painted that corner. saw him licking it a half hr. later and he seems to like it! WTH!


Oh yeah, I know to handle them with caution. I still haven’t decided what to do with them, probably make hot sauce.

I’m tempted to try one to see if they are as hot as the 7-pots I’ve grown, but with all of them at 1M Scovilles, it’ll be hard to discern any difference.

I checked the website you posted, they charge $7.95 for ten ghost pepper seeds. That seems high, I got a pack of 25 GP seeds from Ohio heirloom seeds for about $2.50. I had quick germination with them, about a week and my plant was quite prolific. If it wouldn’t have been zapped by the cold, I would have got more ripe pods.

Funny about your pup, they’ll eat just about anything, tho. Can’t believe it didn’t bother him, maybe dogs don’t react the same way to hot peppers?