Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


i researched it and it seems some dogs aren’t affected by capsasin like people are. i got a bunch of pepper seeds from podpiper in a trade. going to try to grow naga viper next summer. :wink: its the only super hot that has a short enough season to grow here.


Mocky, where can I buy these Rezha seeds? Very interesting variety.


I originally got my seeds from Baker Creek. By saving seeds each year from the largest pods, this variety gets more consistent in size. Spectacular grilled or dried.


That’s crazy, I live only 2 hours from them, been there before, thanks Mocky.


Manuang, how do you rate that pepper, like to order it if you like it a lot.


I am used to eating spicy food and had hot peppers in almost every meals esp. dinner. That said, Sepia Serpent is extremely hot. I only tried tiny pieces of it a few times. It was fine at first for a second or two, then, it hit you. Not recommend for a large amount consumption.


Great, thank you, I,ll skip that one. Sound like a too hot pepper for me.


I grow a lot of different hot peppers. One of the favorites of mine this year was Scotch Bonnet Freeport Orange. It was a great producer with great flavor.


I feel at this point some of these hot peppers have just evolved into growing pure mace! The first bhut jolakia i grew i thought it was just some regular extremely hot asian pepper as it was given to me without much info with a bunch of peppers, it made a hot sauce i would not eat willingly.


Bhut Jalokia is soooo tasty though. While borderline a super hot, the flavor and aroma is just fantastic. It’s my go-to pepper to increase the heat and fruitiness in some sauces.


I’ve been turing up the heat with my ghost pepper powder but still use it sparingly. i agree it does have a good taste but in small amounts. i went crazy with it in a chill i made and man did we pay for it! was burping it for 2 days. felt like my lips burnt off!


While cleaning the kitchen in February ,I found some Serrano peppers that were moldy.
I threw them in a 20gal pot with a lemon tree.
They grew. I tied the pepper to the tree ,
By May it was so big it would hardly fit out the door.
Now …8-9 ft tall loaded with peppers .
The biggest pepper plant I have seen !
In the photo below, the red step is the top of a 6 ft. Step ladder !
I had no intentions of growing such a plant, it was just kind of by accident.
May try to get it back inside.?

I love Serrano s


Serranos are one of my favorites! I’ve tried overwintering peppers a few times. Every time it ends up being aphid central… Just keep an eye on it if you bring it in.


One of my favorites, Jaluv an Attitude. Nice fruity flavor when ripe, heat between jalepeno and cayenne. Nice and productive.


Hungarian Yellow Wax does well in the Puget sound lowlands. Less heat-demanding. Fairly hot when ripe


Here’s a few of my hotties. Most got attacked my mites this year and now we got hit with a frost so I’m not going to get much.

The dark red ones are apocalypse scorpions. The lighter red is a death spiral (wasn’t quite ripe). Then chocolate Congo and Trinidad morgua scorpion yellow (I think).

Made some curry with half an apocalypse last night.


I have always grown Jalapeños and serrano peppers because is more common to find seeds for this peppers, I’ll also like to grow Poblanos and Habaneros for more heat. There is a variety of peppers that we use when they are ripe but also as dried peppers to make different types of sausages.

Lately I have seen a large variety of really hot peppers but it’s hard to find seeds for them, at least where I live. If anyone can point me on the right direction to where to get some seeds, would be appreciated.


I’ve ordered multiple times from refining fire chilies. They are true to type and I get good germination.

If you wait until Nov he usually has a black Friday sale which is 3 packs for the price of 1.

I can send you some seeds too. I have a pretty large collection. They’re all open pollinated so you might get some surprise hybrids though.


Thank you @Travis for the link and for the tip about the November sale. I’ll definitely will check them up.

And I’ll take you on the offer, And I don’t mind hybrids they’re like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to find! Thanks


Just send me a PM whenever you want some. There’s some that are older but I still have good germination.