Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


This is Thai Orange. When I looked up to compare mine to the ones on the Internet. Some look the same as mine, some don’t. They are spicy and sure are pretty.


Looking at the plant, it is a cultivar (perhaps many generations) of tabasco types. Love the color. You said spicy … about that of a serrano?


This one is as hot as a regular Thai red chili pepper, hotter than Serrano.

We like this one as ornamental because they are very pretty.


@mamuang – I forget … have you grown the Bulgarian Carrot? Same orange color but a fruity taste combined with habanero-like heat.


I don’t grow that one. However Bulgarian Carrot pepper looks just like a variety we called “yellow pepper” in Thai cuisine. ( the actual color is orange but we call it yellow, ha,ha).

The taste is just like you described, spicier ( than a common hot Thai pepper) and more aromatic. Best used with seafood esp. stir-fry with calamari/squid, a very popular dish with this pepper.


one of the wild varieties that I am growing this year is c.parviflorum. It has a really good heat that burns the entire mouth and lips but goes away very quickly.


Is this sometimes sold as “Bird Pepper”?


All smaller podded peppers are referred to as bird peppers regardless of the species. this variety is actually named c. parviflorum and is of the same species. there may be a variety named Bird Pepper also of the same species. I do actually have seeds of the variety named “bird pepper” but is actually from the chinense species and those are about 3x the size of the above parviflorum.


Well yes, some sellers do that while others are more careful.

Here’s some common names of Capsicum parvifolium:

alecrim-quebrado (rosemary-broken) - Portuguese
jiriquiti (popular one) - Portuguese
pimenteira (common pepper) - Portuguese


I grow Piri_Piri pepper, they are small but super hot, can’t eat raw, use for one of my Grilled piri-piri chicken recipe.



anybody else growing datils? after allowing one to ripen a couple weeks after turning orange, i found the flavor somewhat improved. . . but it still tastes kind of weird. the heat is quite tolerable, but the odor and aftertaste remain off-putting.

i plan to gradually give away my five datil plants to whoever wants them. i already found one guy at work who seems to like the datil.

already eyeing my next potential project. . . white habaneros.



I didn’t care for the Datils either … and I thought the white habaneros are a bit more of a novelty than a culinary adventure.

Give these a try while you are at it: Bulgarian Carrot



ha! that does look like a carrot. looks as though it rates 5k to 30k on the scoville scale. do you have any recommendations in the 100k-400k range?


That 5k-30k scoville rating is incorrect. The plants I’ve grown from that source have been very hot.

The hottest pepper I’ve grown is Red Savina. It’s 350k+ Scoville. Definitely wear gloves and goggles when working with it. I made salsas, hot sauce, and basting sauce with fruit. It’s too hot to have a distinguished taste – if anything I’d say similar to cayenne.


Looks like a carrot, but as far as 30K of Scoville units, that seems low. As I mentioned earlier, last year it was the hottest pepper I grew, and that includes Habanero’s and Serrano’s.

This year though, my Orange Hab’s are quite pungent. Still waiting on my super-hot 7-pots to ripen. A couple on the White variety are finally turning from green to a pale yellow/white.


awesome, dood. have you had a chance to taste the white habs? if so, what do you think of their flavor?

and since both of you have experience with the bulgarian carrot, was hoping you could pass some intel on their flavor. you dudes/doods now have me intrigued about the carrot.


Beautiful! How spicy?


In my experience it is fruity, more so than orange habanero. It’s my favorite of the very hot peppers.


These are White 7-pot’s. I picked a green one last week, just to check the heat. It was almost as hot as my Habs, the flavor was similar, but seemed to have a bit bitter aftertaste. I managed to eat the whole pod, wasn’t too bad.

As far as the B Carrot flavor goes, it seemed to have a bit of smoky taste, but so hot I couldn’t get a good gauge on the flavor. But, I think it’d be a good one to try. I also recommend Beaver Dam, a thick red banana type pepper, and medium hot.