Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


The smoke was coming from your tongue on fire :wink: :laughing:


The Yellow (the actually color is orange) chilli peppers are spicier than an average Thai pepper. It is a distinct aroma that regular Thai hot peppers do not have.

I personally think it is the same as Bulgarian Carrot or is a close relative.


Thanks, I like spicy, but I don’t want my eyes to burn or my nose to run.


We’re doing some canning today, pickling some okra. But we had some extra brine, so we’re also pickling some whole jalapenos and Habs. Here’s what I picked today, our Hab plants are loaded.

Plus, here’s a huge golden Calwonder I picked


From the picture of the plant you provided it appears the fruits initially point up (?). That characteristic comes from plants indiginous to an area within the Mexican state of Tobasco. I’ve never observed it in Bulgarian Carrot, but maybe others have.

However, your Thai could very well be a hybrid; e.g. Orange Habanero x Tobasco.


Sorry for the confusion. The pic of my orange peppers posted above is NOT Thai Yellow peppers/BulgariannCarrots.

I am not tech savvy and am not able to link a pic of Thai Yellow peppers here. Thai Yellow looks just like BC.


No problem :grinning:

So the Thai Yellows hang down on the plant? Very interesting!


Mrs. G – I highly recommend these “Highlander” peppers to you. They are “Anaheim” type in shape only. You’ll want to clean and rinse the seeds out before use. The flavor is excellent with good heat and I’ve never had anyone “cry” over them. They appear to be identical to what are sold as “Hatch” peppers.




thanks for the recs, everyone. gonna try the carrot eventually, based on the mouth-watering, eye-watering descriptions. (and if the carrot plant is floppy, i’ll have to give it the stick.)

i already grow a couple C. annuum that I like, and I want to find a C. chinense that works for me. so before growing the carrot, i’m going to give a hab variety a shot—perhaps the paper lantern hab, 400k to 450k SHU.


Here’s an excellent resource of information for Chile Peppers:


I started Fish and Leutschauer in pots a few months ago; plan to keep 'em in an enclosed porch over winter for years to come. New adventure.


If I can get this computer to cooperate, will show a picture of the two kinds growing. Leutschauer is vigorous. Fish is lovely with stark white variegation.


I’ve grown fish pepper in the past and enjoyed them.


This site is dead.


I planted three different types of peppers this year. The small ones in the pictures below are called “purple prince”, which is a good-looking and pretty hot variety. :yum:


Chili with a purple color!!! Very pretty.


Perhaps a candidate for deer and rabbit repellant.


Great photo! Are the green ones Scotch Bonnet?


Anyone ever grow these? A seed company put them in fee for me. Figured I would do some next year. My green peppers are absolutely producing by the dozens. Seems I’m in good pepper weather here.