Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


Yes. This is the common habanero – there is nothing rare about it as the advertiser claims. Here’s a harvest from 2014. :smile:


Hahahahaha…that’s about right. Looks like they produce good . I’ll give them a try. Hopefully they aren’t tooooooo hot


They’re very fruity and very hot. I use goggles and gloves to remove the seeds and then dice them up into tiny pieces. Typically I’ll put about a dozen pieces down the center of a burrito before wrapping it up. It makes for a very exciting and flavorful meal!

It was a huge crop. I filled 10 Fresh Saver pint-size vacuum bags with whole fruits and put them in the freezer. One bag a year is enough for me so I started giving them away in the Fall.


@Richard, why do you say that? I use it almost every day.



must b the link, site is still good. I can’t get a good link from phone. I just search for chiliman database and that will bring up the site.


Some pics of my various hot peppers.

Two of my very prolific Habanero plants, with lots of orange pods

The White 7-pot, with two pods that are close to being ripe. There’s about 14 pods on this plant, so it’s somewhat productive.

Some Bubblegum 7-pot pods, the top pic is one that is starting to turn a little bit pink, it should be a reddish-pink when ripe. An unusual attribute of this variety is that the calyx (the top part of the pod that attaches to the stem), will also turn a shade of pink when ripe. Notice the wrinkly skin on them, looks gnarly. Only about 7 pods on this plant, hope it can produce a few more before it gets cold.


Here’s the correct link :grinning:


Wow, what do you do with all if that hear? On a very good day our supermarkets might have india long skinny green chilis or jalapeños. Thats it. We are heat deprived in the East, except at Mamuang’s house. I am making her green curry this week!


I will probably dehydrate them, and then run them thru a coffee grinder. We use the flakes for seasoning in lots of things, most of my stuff from last year was used when we made salsa, and hot pickles.

We will also pickle some more jalapenos and Habanero’s.


Mrs. G.,
Newport, RI is definitely not a hot bed of diversity :smile:

You don’t even have to drive to MA. Woonsocket, RI has a lot of Lao and Vietnamese population. So many Southeast Asian spices and fresh herbs and veggies are sold there. Gotta get out of Newport to find them!!!


recently read about the aji pineapple pepper (C. baccatum) which is supposed to have a unique pineapple flavor. 20k to 30k scovilles.

i’m super-duper interested; it would totally fit in a fruit salsa. planning on growing this in 2019.


I am interested ln Aji peppers, just finding a source might be difficult to find.


The various Aji peppers are fruity – and popular in South America. In 2010 we had a blind taste test at the Leucadia Farmers market and the only discernible difference was a little less heat in the yellows.


there seem to be multiple seed sellers on amazon, but beware of sellers/seeds with poor reviews, particularly seeds that have brought forth something other than the desired strain. i’ve bought before from refining fire chiles via amazon; they’re reputable and located in california.

other sellers, courtesy of google:


Yellow Aji peppers are not rare. In my opinion, the name “pineapple” has been added for marketing purposes.


In my opinion, the name “pineapple” has been added for marketing purposes.

numerous sellers claim that there’s a pineapple flavor, and some pod-eating dudes on youtube do, too. i guess i’ll find out next year.


They just copy each other’s ads. LOL.

Yes! I’ll be very interested in the outcome!! Please start a new thread about it when you do.




While not hot peppers, I had to get a pic of these pretty Lady Belle peppers I picked today. LB has been a very prolific producer for me. Got them from a local nursery, I recommend them.

I checked my Bubblegum 7-pot plant today, the pods are rapidly ripening, some are getting quite red already, guess this heat is helping. One more day near 90, and then we’re in for cooler, wetter weather next week.