House Finch Candy?😡

Red headed house finches are stripping my apricot flowers!
Here is my Sugar Pearls apricot tree two days ago:

Here it is today:

Here are some close ups of the flower clusters:

They are eating the flower bases and dropping the intact flowers to the ground:

I have experienced these finches pecking flowers and fruitlets in previous years, but nothing like this. It’s crazy.
Has anyone else experienced something like this before?


That stinks! But think of it as natures way of thinning :slight_smile:

Hang some blank CDs and bird flashing tapes to protect your fruit tree.


Yes had birds stealing tomato stems for a nest once! I hung up aluminum pie pans around on sticks and strings. The birds monitored the garden edge for days but the wind was on my side blowing like crazy so the pans scared them away.

I’ve had finches eat the apricot flower buds in winter after a really heavy snow. Your birds may be short on food sources.

I think they’re pecking my nectarine buds

Actually, my next door neighbor is quite the animal lover and has an extensive array of bird feeders. I think they enjoy a main course at her feeders, then hop over the fence for dessert from my trees.


Giving this a try…


There’s a starling nesting in my neighbor’s eve that sits on the electric line and imitates red tailed hawk calls, learned how to impersonate the cat as well, good bird!