How are you using your garlic scapes?


Andy, thank you for the recipe. I will try next year. BTW how many garlic did you plant to get this many scapes?


I didn’t plant this year, I purchased from our local farm stand. Hope to plant garlic this fall, but I always balk at the cost of seed garlic.


What part of the scape did you use? I don’t mind it either way, but my wife hates it if I include the “grassy” part of the scape. Cut that out and the pesto’s got a much better consistency.


Why not start with a small amount and replant all or almost all of next year’s harvest? My neighbor’s starting me on some garlic this fall. He grows around 750 bulbs every year and started with just three bulbs. He doesn’t know the name of the variety but he was told when someone else started him on this that it originated in Australia. It’s a mild, and I believe porcelain, type that lasts stored in a basement all the way through the next year’s harvest. I’m also thinking about buying something stronger, leaning towards either/both of Spanish Roja and Music.


Yeah, this is also the tool I used to harvest garlic scapes.


We nipped off the seed head and then used as much of the scape as possible down to where it began getting “woody”. Kind of like asparagus… hack it off where it begins to get fibrous.


So this is what my Garlic look like right now. I’m going to plant more but this is my first successful garlic. It’s hardneck. I guess when the scapes all curl I can ship them off and use them in stir fry etc?


Looks good! I used a few of mine fresh, and froze the rest in a ziplock bag. Anytime I need them I just pull a few out, hold over the pot and snip what I want to use with scissors. I’m 6B with mine planted in a bed on the South side of my foundation and they don’t suffer at all from a hard freeze. Mine are probably twice that size, I planted a bit earlier this year.


Cooking elephant garlic for dinner dishes .


that looks really good as a leaf vegetable


to add to that, Vincent:

Do the leaves have a “season” they are good, or can you pretty much cut as long as they are tender enough to saute?

Also do you ever use the stalk of elephant garlic or just the leaf tips?


Hi Mark.
I like to cook the elephant garlic leaves in Spring. They are very soft and sweet and cut almost to the ground and using as much as you like very tasty like chives .


I’m trying out a variation of this this year. Thanks for the idea.


Chives and chive blossoms? I like it! Let me know how it comes out.


I just picked my scapes today. I use them diced in place of garlic powder in soups, salads, stir-fry, and meat dishes, they’re really good in chicken salad. I just coil them up and then into a bag in the freezer, they defrost quickly, ready to use in a few minutes. I just didn’t plant enough Garlic last year, I think I’ll triple it this fall.


Seedling pearl onions .



Just stir fry with meat? What’s the difference between Pearl onion and scallions?


Really good question but I don’t know what’s the different between both of them yet.


Pickle the scapes! I can eat a gallon of pickled scapes in one sitting.


My garlic scape is ready. Just harvested some