How are you using your garlic scapes?


Just cooked yesterday. Elephant garlic flowers


I plan on pickling/fermenting my scapes tomorrow. First time fermenting food.
Are the seed pods typically included when pickling?


it depends on taste preference and garlic variety. I pick mine while the seed pods are still young, they have an interesting sweet/spicy quality and add texture. The more mature the pods, the more bite they have for me. I would say, add some of em and see what you think. worse come so worse, they cant ruin a batch… just don’t eat em.


Got them going today, cant wait to try these!!


Had some scapes stir fried with snow peas. Cut them to the size of green beans and they ended up tasting very mild. My kids thought they WERE green beans. Parenting win.


soupbones, carrot, turnips, scapes, and spices, in slow cooker. terrific dish.


Yes, ours are very mild also when cooked. Just boiled or microwaved with a little salt and pepper or butter works.


Nothing grows well except garlic this year. Stir fry garlic scapes with pork, with bacon tastes even better


Elephant garlic scapes stir fry again.


Oh my. It looks delicious😋


Yes, it is. Thank you so much Annie.


I noticed some people are posting pics of the scapes and they are clearly cylindrical. Whereas there are other pics showing the leaf blades. Are these leaf blades just as flavorful as the scapes?


I think the leaf blades are from elephant garlic, so a bit different than regular hard neck or soft neck leafs.


Yes, regular garlic leaf blades are flavorful too. When used young it is tender and can be cooked like other green veggie sauteed, in stow etc.


First batch of scapes pulled today. Pesto made from scapes, kale, olive oil, salt, pepper and walnuts - yum. Three color rotelle with the pesto, with sauteed mushrooms and pea flowers.


Looks pretty good


Are these scapes ready?


Yes! At least that is when I pull mine. Don’t cut them, just gently pull them until they pop out. If you are good, you can get some of the scape that goes down inbetween the leaves which is the juiciest, most tender part.


Very good, I will give it a go after dinner tonight.


Wow… These scapes are pretty potent. After pulling them off, my wife, daughter and I each took a nibble at the cut end. Never had anything like this, we’re talking little rabbit nibbles. I took them off two different types and made a major rookie mistake of putting them in the same bag, so I do not know which ones we actually tried, either Music and Purple Glazer. There was even a slight heat right at the beginning. I will be sure to properly separate when harvesting the real thing.