How cold hardy is Mattamuskeet Apple?

How cold hardy is the Mattamuskeet Apple Tree?
How far north will the tree survive and thrive.
How far north will the fruit successfully ripen?
How scab resistant is Mattamuskeet?

It’s known as a warm climate apple as it originated in the lowlands of eastern North Carolina. Probably not your best bet but you won’t know unless you try. One good tool you can use is the cold climate list on big horse creeks website. They differentiate between cold and warm climate apples there.

I probably should’ve checked BHC’s list of cold and warm climate apples last year. I ordered and grafted Husk Sweet and Arkansas Sweet. I dont expect either to survive long term, but a guy can dream

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I’m trying to assemble a list for publication oriented towards disease free late dropping cultivars - deer hunting applications. I was hoping someone had already experimented with southern apple trees up further north.

John Bunker at Fedco trees in Maine is also a wealth of information and has a great website.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll take your advice!

This website that sells apple trees for wildlife lists hardiness and drop dates. That should give you some good choices than trying questionably hardy varieties from the south.

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I’m curious why you’re pursuing southern varieties for your stated purposes?

Thanks for the tip. I have spent a lot of time on the Blue Hill Wildlife Nursery website and have corresponded with the owner. Unfortunately the trees I am attempting to gain information on do not appear on the BHWN website.

I would assume you want late ripening southern varieties because they will never ripen in the far north and consequently hang on tree longer than what’s currently grown in your area.


Sorry, I didn’t see your post until today.

I’m looking at some southern trees to evaluate their potential for use further north. I don’t know how far north a Mattamuskeet (for example) might be able to grow, and how far north it could ripen. Can you inform me?

I am informed that deer will readily eat apples even if not fully ripe, so fully ripe may not be necessary for my purposes.

I’ll be planting one in zone 6 and one in zone 5 as an experiment because thus far no one could inform me concerning hardiness.