How do you like your pears cooked?


I like mine made into wine…although I did cook Italian sausages, onions, and green peppers today “sweated” by periodically adding pear wine to that until I’d added close to a full glass worth of the wine, so that was cooked I guess


Enjoying the last month’s of winter eating pear sauce. This was cooked up with spices but pears are sweet enough that no sugar was wanted or needed. 2018 pears had a good flavor Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest! . Pear sauce and dried pears are among my favorites Easy on the Gardener and Orchardist Tricks


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I’m sure that would be fine.


I just cooked up the last of my dried Stacey pears, mixed with the last of the dried apples and strawberries - just add water and simmer. Add sweetener to taste (I added some stevia) - delicious. The pear skins are a bit chewey but are fine. I did make some straight pear juice this year (wonderful!!) but most of the harvest i dried to make sauce. Really looking forward to when I have more pears. Sue


We love pear butter and pressing them for both fresh and hard pear cider.


I used to make pear butter out of all the pears I had at my old house. It was a standard size tree, it was there when I bought the house, and it had a LOT of wonderful pears even with no spraying at all.


This is my pear corer and peeler ive discussed in other threads I use for cooking. Great Tools are essential to good results in my opinion
A good knife is my best friend during the pear harvest which is just as important as a corer or peeler. I grab a favorite and use it the entire day oncebi start slicing with it. Most Henckels as an example will hold up
Can’t wait for pear season again! When it comes to drying pears this is the dehydrator I use which has held up Great for me.
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One of these days I would love to get a copper pot to.make pear butter. There are a lot of great cooks on this forum .


We had a huge harvest of tiny, sort of blah, Summercrisp pears that got ripe all at once and were falling from the tree before we even realized they were ripe. They were too small to bother peeling, so we quartered and cored them, threw them in freezer, peelings and all. Spread them partially thawed in a large cake pan, sprinkle a couple spoons of sugar on them (optional), mix up a package of generic yellow cake mix and spread it thinly over them and bake. The cake is best chilled. The peelings aren’t even noticeable. Addicting. Next year I will need to thin the pears!


The design looks so much like my Nesco dehydrator