How do you like your pears cooked?


I like my pears canned with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Dried pears are sweet like candy. There are many recipes out there eg. How do you like your pears?


I eat them fresh.


This was the first year I had enough pears from my trees to use them for something other than fresh eating. I poached several batches in Riesling with some honey and star anise and served them with lightly sweetened whipped cream. They were great without the whipped cream but decadent loveliness with.

Sadly, I lost about 40% of my Bartlett crop to rot. I thought they’d last longer than 4 weeks stored in the fridge. I’d planned to can some but by the time I was prepared to do so, they were no longer usable. It was a harsh lesson, but I won’t make that mistake again. The other varieties I ripened carried much smaller crops and were all eaten fresh. This year I’ll have a better plan.


I have not cooked pears, yet. Looks like some good recipes to start out with. I’ve made some pear butter with Kieffer pears. Great for that use.


Tried a few preserves that were pretty bad along the way the one that was awesome was pear Almond butter that was great. I posted on it on this forum somewhere. Hardest part was peeling and coring the pears. How do you process your pears Clark?


If you look at this post Here comes the 2016 apple and Pear harvest! and see the 14th post it shows the peeler and corer that I use . You might also like this post Drying pears - natures best candy!.


Great! I need to know cuz I just know one of these years I’m actually going to get some chill again and figure out the squirels and I’ll need to can pears again … right? Hahaha! Here’s holing for a crop this year.


Raw, please :grin:!


I’ve recently developed a recipe that I’m very excited about, since it’s so delicious. I make a big batch of rich sweet yeast batter, which keeps fine in the fridge for several days. Then I spread a thin layer in a cake pan, prettily arrange sliced fruit on top, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of that. Three pears look great cut in half, then sliced crosswise, and the slices put in the pan still in a pear shape, with the pointy ends coming together in the middle. Let rise, bake, and slice wedges to serve, each with half a pear.


I like to slice my pears and carmelize them in brown butter over low heat. I then add sherry and poach them for around a half hour. Pretty darn good and very, very easy.


Pear pickles
pear cobbler
pear caned in a light syrup made with red hot candies, cinnamon and ginger.
pear canned in heavy syrup made with brandy,
pear canned in syrup made with hard apple cider.
Pear canned with simply a cinnamon stick
Pear jam with cinnamon and cloves
Pear and Muscadine jelly
unripe pear cooked in a pot roast as a starchy vegetable
Pear cooked with pork short rib rice and herbs
Pear jam used as glaze for grilled meats of all kinds
can pears and cheese
pear pie

I make and enjoy all the above.


Oh I forgot pear preserves
Pear preserves with lemon
pear preserves or pear jam over ice cream
Pear preserves or pear jam in a milk shake
Pear preserves or pear jam in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Pear grilled as part of a shiscabob (sp?)
Crilled pear halves
stir fried meat and vegetables with pears added.

Note some cooked recipes work better if the pears are used while firm.


I really like to can my pears in apple or peach juice for a sugar free fruit! So much better than sugar! I’ve canned all kinds of stuff in apple juice because it’s so sweet. Apple juice makes arronia juice taste like grape juice. Imagine what apple juice does for pears!


For sure fruit juice is grate for canning pears. I plan to try canning them in muscadine juice this next year. One thing I should point out though for anyone who might be reading this thread and is diabetic or can’t have sugar for some reason. Fruit juice has lots and lots of sugar already in it. So fruit canned in fruit juice is not sugar free by a long shot. But still, fruit juice is better for you than just sugar water for a multitude of reasons. God bless.



It’s white sugar free might be a better way to say that or perhaps no added sugar. Remember your talking to someone who classifies chocolate as a fruit.


Made some dried pears.
They are so good.


Really? I am looking for a way to preserve some extra pears, other than canning because I have enough done that way. I never heard of dried pears.


They sure are delicious dried this year! Sugar sweet!


They look cored but intact, did you use and apple corer? I’m going to do me some dehydrated pears.


Yes I leave the skins on , core them, and cut them in thin slices which works great. This thread is a good example