How far along are your trees 2019?


Yep, Granny Smith is white as pie cherries … looks like snow.
Petals falling on Niedwetkyana. Bakran in bloom.,.grafted last spring.
And Frostbite in a container is beginning to bloom. Fuji and Anoka also blooming.
Redfield on MM111 root isn’t going to bloom …. waiting 3 years and counting.


Apples at green tip now

Nothing with the cots, which are usually first


My cots are showing pink. The first to bloom as usual. Fingers crossed.


Grass is starting to get green. I have buds popping open on Honeysuckles, and Haskaps. Pretty much everything else still dormant. Well fruit buds are swelling, Juliet’s buds are green tipped. My potted plants in the garage I put outside. They are blooming. I was glad to see some bees. I didn’t think they would be out yet.

Furthest one in the grow bag is Indian Free peach, then Nadia with Sweet Treat, then Flavor King, Then Nadia with sweet Treat again. Others too not blooming yet. First close up with the bees is a Sweet Treat, the second one is Flavor King.


We have a cold potentially snowy night coming up. Looks like it might be the perfect storm, i am now hoping the cherries slow down


I wish you all the best, Katie………….

If we get any more temps below about 28 degrees…it will be “apocalypse” time in Kentucky…for everything will be blooming by this weekend it appears…it’s coming on fast.


Apples are close hereUploading: IMG_3172.JPG…


I have one apple tree blooming. This is Honeycrisp.


Some pics of goings on here, some other plants shown besides trees. Posted a few of these on other threads. Things have really picked up here the last couple weeks.


Pristine apple

Grimes Golden apple fruit buds

Orient pear

Moonglow pear

Pineapple pear

Alkmene apple

Wild plum

Juliet cherry

Blushingstar peach, don’t see any blooms on it yet, wondering if it will.


You’re getting there…looks about a week behind my part of KY. 82 degrees forecast today…will bring out even tulip poplar leaves in the woods by the weekend I think…we’re definitely getting ahead of ‘normal’…so we’ll be in big trouble if we get another hard freeze.
Hopefully frost and freezes are all in the past. (But I have see mid May frosts…and 2" snow at the Kentucky Derby…so things happen.)


Maybe I can grow cherries…!! Pictures from today.

Tasty Rich aprium also starting to color up.


Got to 83 here today, getting warm in the house without the AC on! Don’t wanna wimp out yet.

Yeah I recall a freeze in two of the last three May’s here.


Looks like my young Potomac pawpaw will flower for the first time this year. It has maybe 20 buds starting to enlarge. Wabash has some buds too but they are probably still too young to fruit. Maybe next year.


Just use the Wabash flowers to hand pollinate the Potomac with a small art paint brush to get some fruits this year.


@tonyOmahaz5 Do you think a 4 foot tall tree is big enough to support the fruit? I’m sure it will put on at least another foot or 2 of growth before the end of the season. It’s in its 3rd leaf this year.


I used the orange fiberglass snow rod for driveway to brace the four foot tree in the past and let a few fruits to mature so I can test taste them. The tree will be fine.


Satsuma plum:


First blooms of this growing season, Tomcot apricot.


This is my Enterprise Apple. Lots of blooms.

This is Jonafree. It looks like all the Spurs are pushing out leaves, not flowers. Frustrating. Last year it bloomed the same time as Enterprise so I assume no apples from Jonafree this year. I hope the handful of blooms from Liberty are enough to pollinated the Enterprise.

The Jonafree grew like 15 apples last year. Is that enough to make it go biennial?


If they have a tendency to go biennial and the tree is relatively young, it can go biennial.

Way back, my Honey Crisp took several years (5 years?) to give me its first two cluster of blooms and I thinned to 3 -4 fruit. It went biennial the next year!!! HC has a tendency to be biennial except for some dwarf rootstocks.