How far along are your trees 2019?


I can’t find anything about Jonafree having a tendency to go biennial. It is on its fifth leaf. It is a bummer because they all look like spurs that would produce flowers. As long as its nothing I did, I’m not going to worry about it, too much.

btw, your Korean Giant grafts are all on the Hosui pear. I made the entire second level of the tree KG. Thanks again.


You’re welcome. So far, my KG has not skip a year. 20th Century has. Thin agreesively is the mantra :slight_smile:


During my orchard walk today, I saw that my Liberty and Roxbury Russet have started pushing out some fruit buds, to go along with a Grimes Golden, Pristine, Alkmene, Winecrisp, Golden Russet and Goldrush that are already blooming some.

Looks like my four peaches lost their fruit buds somehow during a cold spell as none of them have bloomed and are now starting to leaf out. Really disappointed that we won’t get any peaches this year.

Also getting a bunch of strawberry blooms, just hope I can keep the deer out of the patch.

It’s supposed to drop to about 36 tonight, but the blooms should be okay.


Sugar Pearls apricot, inching closer to bloom time…

Beautiful prelude to the thinning nightmare that follows.


Methley plum and contender peach.


Congrats. My Contender and the other three peaches lost their fruit buds, so no peaches this year.

What else so you have producing? I bet you’ll have a bumper blueberry crop, yes?


Does Sugar Pearls have a good flavor?bb


I grafted sugar pearl this year at the request of Bob Purvis. Hopefully it takes.


You may have mentioned somewhere previously, but how old is your Sugar Pearls tree?


I have been happy with Sugar Pearls. My tree is about 7 years old now. It is on Citation (I assume, purchased from Gurney’s as a semi-dwarf). It produces heavily in my location. It does require a pollinator. I lost my Canadian White Blenheim last year and had to replant, as a result, Sugar Pearls only set 3 apricots last year.
Growth habit is irregular, so it is a little challenging to prune. My wife and I really like the flavor - however, in our defense, neither one of us has ever tried another white apricot. I replanted Canadian White Blenheim and I should get to try a fruit from it this year for comparison. I also have some Afganistan scions from Purvis to graft this year. Hopefully this will allow me to compare three white apricots.


Not very far along yet here in the Finger Lakes.

Rochester peach

Dana Hovey pear.


Seems like they’re farther along than I recall from any previous year…but I lost a journal I kept for years in 1997 in a fire. I know one year, peaches bloomed in March, and apples were in full bloom by now…but I also know that year there was zero peach crop and not many apples.
(Don’t remember if that’s the same year it snowed at the Kentucky Derby … 1991…or not.)

Seems like, with petal fall on pears and peaches and many apples, it will be a little harder to wipe out the whole crop…even if it does frost again this weekend.


This year, the cots seem to be way behind the pome fruits, tho they’re usually the first to flower.


Things are way behind here. Most things barely breaking dormancy or still totally dormant. Today’s rain has melted the snow finally.


My trees are getting bud swell with the sour cherries having green showing at the buds. My crocuses just bloomed.


finally saw a pot that i rooted with a consort cutting last spring. pot was still in ice but the plant buds were almost ready to open. saw several crocuses i planted last fall coming up. most are blooming. nice to see green again.


Not yet planted persimmon, flowering on a multigrafted cherry, and one blueberry branch.

Dumb grounds maintence guy purposefully mowed down my 1 yr old honeyberry.


Montmorency Cherry


OK, have been outside the last few days getting some new pics around the farm, mostly of trees, but some others as well.

Two old Milam apples, the one on the right appears to be biennial, it didn’t bloom last year, the one on the left seems to bloom a bit every year.

My little Alkmene apple, awash in blooms. Meanwhile, the Winesap behind it is twice as high, has many branches pulled down, has been in the ground a year longer, and still no blooms yet. ???

Some close-up pics of the Alkmene blossoms

A Suncrisp blossom, about to pop open.

Pic of our huge Pineapple pear with nary a bloom with the barn and Milams in the background. You can also see part of the wire trellis for our Triple Crown blackberries.

Some Milam blossoms, up close.

I think this is a Liberty blossom, but just one of a couple on the tree, and only on tall vertical branches.

Pristine apple bloom

I think Harrow Sweet pear blossoms, on only a third leaf tree.


It gives me spring fever looking at the blooms of you folks down South! Ours are still dormant, but was in upper 70s or higher for a rare summerlike day today.