How far along are your trees 2019?


Put a metal stake by each item so he will know when he hits something.


Well, we’re not that far south, but yeah things are really greening up around here. We did our first lawn mowing this week, and I turned the ground for three of our garden spots.

It was no warmer than 53 today, and supposed to be about 40 and drizzly for Easter sunrise, but at least no freeze.


Evans cherry

Honeybee honeyberry

Honeycrisp apple

E plum, slight growth

Red currant flower buds



There is a huge difference in weather temps between me at the lower part of michigan and the upper parts of Wis. where @northwoodswis4 is. So for you to say your not that far south of him tells me you have never stayed up there. I would say it’s like the difference between you and Texas, or Mexico. lol I’m just getting green tips on my apples today. I’m not trying to be sarcastic so don’t get me wrong. I just think it’s funny how people in the middle of the states state that they aren’t that far south of the northern parts of the country. You would have to spend a full winter up there just to understand, even if the zones say your close. My cousin is still snowmobiling in northern Wis., and took pictures of people ice fishing. This is five days ago in Minocqua, Wis.



Sugar Pearls apricot in full bloom.




Well, I spent more than a full winter here, I didn’t care for it at all, but I’m a skinny guy who spent 30 years in north Texas, and grew up in Oklahoma, so anywhere north of the OK/KS line to me is the Great White North. These 6 winters I’ve been through aren’t enjoyable, no. But, at least we have 4 seasons here, unlike N TX.

Not all my apples have leafed out fully yet, most trees in this area are still pretty bare. But, in May, it’s like boom, everything seems to explode in green.


It won’t be long here and we will have leaves and blossoms. Not far me in warm flat areas in the suburbs it gets much warmer and they probably have leaves and flowers already. My uncle lives just south of Ironwood, Mi. and they had like a foot of snow a couple of weeks ago. They might hit 70 today though. Spring is coming soon. My trees I kept in the garage blossomed three weeks ago. The last of the blossoms are going to open today on them I would think. They have been in the garage for a couple of weeks because the weather has been cold windy and rainy, even snowy. It’s darn nice today though so I hope the bees do their thing with them. By the way hope you all are having a Happy Easter!!


Pawpaw flowers like crazy this year.


The only apple I have with green tips is on the south side of my house. Just downhill that tree is dormant. My plum trees have lots swollen flower buds. The same with my cherries. They might start to open in a day or two with this warm spell.




Looks like quite a few blooms, which look different than other fruit tree blooms. What variety is that or does it have several grafts on it?


So far, I know I will get Gala and Fuji apples, White Gold cherries, and Seckel pears if there are any blooms on the Frankenpear, which never fruits. The Kieffer seems to have no buds this year.

Something seems to be pecking the buds off the Mericrest nectarine.


I grafted 8 varieties on to the 3 trees.


Are your Shenandoah and Mango still your favorites? Have you tried or grafted any of the Kentucky State varieties?


I got a Kentucky Champion seedling from Brady 4 years ago. No flowers yet. I grafted a couple scions on of the KC tree to those two big trees to see if can I get them to flower sooner.


yep. just like here. 2 days ago i took my side by side out on long lake. we rode everywhere. still 30in. of ice. guys in s, maine are out with their boats since apr.1!


My Wickson apple is the farthest along, the second photo is an Aprium, and the third is my Rio Oso Gem.


I’m in Arizona, so my trees have been super busy. I put them all in last May and expected nothing this year. Lol!


I will wait for a sunny day to update. My cherry and plum have 1st fruits showing! Tiny little dark green things.