How far along are your trees 2019?


My Eureka persimmon has a few of the buds getting ready to bloom.



1st and last, my two bing cherry tries and little cherry/berry monster, middle my sister inlaw/neighbours even bigger older cherries ones black and earlier than bing the other blooms earlier than bing but red and ripe around bing…i grafted some of each onto water sproats from last year for pollination…still in the dlow process of pruning my tries backbinto shape after decades of neglect!


After the last of the rains passed through I did a quick inspection of things. To my surprise, my Pristine apple has decided to put out a string of blooms on one of the upright branches. It must have happened overnight, as I don’t remember seeing it yesterday. Maybe the heavy rains coaxed them out? The tree had popped a couple blooms out about 3 weeks ago, so I had assumed it was done, so this was a surprise to see.

The rains also seemed to have given some of my blackberry primocanes a boost too, it seems one that was just a few inches tall yesterday doubled in height overnight. But, we are at the end of April and it seems like the greening of things is accelerating. Even the grass seems to have taken on a deeper tint of green.


Adirondack Gold apricot. First tree in our orchard to flower. Low in the high 20s(F) predicted for Sunday night.


just put one in leafed out yesterday. supposed to be upper 20’s next 4 nights. i hope it makes it. supposed to be a very hardy apricot.


Here are photos from yesterday. Oh and one of my figs died, the Olympian said was for my state. Brown Turkey is growing.


If we don’t get another frost I should have lots and lots. I think a few of my apricot blooms came late enough to miss the last frost! That only happens once in 10 years or so here.
All my apples are blooming for the first time this year, 60 trees, liberty, empire, enterprise, Roger’s red Mac, jonagold. 25 peaches. Red haven, contender, encore. About 20 pie cherries, motmorency, meteor. 8 sweet cherries, gold. Hedelfingen, and stardust. Even a handful of plums, president, Stanley and gage.



They continue to bloom in between so much rain, my Easternglo nectarine (with multiple grafts) and my three Euro plums that produce well.


Some contender peach and methley plum.


Sweet Treat: only one fruit on this second leaf tree. Hopefully I’ll get to taste it.


Some more pics of newly set fruit, I posted some of pear fruitlets in that thread.

Milam apple, one of three old trees on the farm, sets a very heavy crop just about every year of mediocre yellow fruit. I’m going to try thinning and spraying some of these trees to see if I can get some quality apples this year.

Some Grimes Golden apples, first crop ever on a G16 tree, fourth leaf.

Some cherries from a volunteer sapling of an unknown tart cherry. We usually don’t get any because of birds, but I might try bagging a few of these clusters to see what they’re like. That’s our driveway entrance in the background.

Wild plum, very tiny fruit, tree had a bunch of blooms on it again this year.

One of just a few Juliet tart cherries on a bush that’s third leaf, about 5ft tall now. First fruit, if it stays on…

Alkmene apple, third leaf, G11 tree bloomed heavily. Will have to thin a lot, tree is just 6ft tall and can’t support a lot of fruit. First crop on this tree, too. A lot of firsts for us this year.


The same apricot tree I posted earlier, but this time the morning after the temperature went down to 27° F overnight.


25 for 25, first time I’ve hit 100% on my grafts. 22 Apple and 3 Pear and all are either leafed out or pushing buds. A few took their own sweet time, probably didn’t get the cambium lined up great. A week after grafting these a neighbor gave me 7 trees he grafted ~3 yrs ago that were still in pots. They didn’t have room for 'em. Most were varieties I wasn’t overly interested in so they got top-worked with additional scion varieties I had. Most of those have taken as well. Although none of the ones I grafted 2 scions to have movement on both, only one. Luckily the varieties I was most interested in are the ones moving… May try bud grafting some later, on other established trees.


Everything lost?


Only the one apricot was that far along, and, although it is supposed to be self-fertile, it has never produced fruit, so it will be hard to tell.

Everything else looks good, including this Rochester peach.


got down to 25f last night and my newly planted, leafed out adirondack gold apricot came out unscathed. i think this tree will do just fine here.


Some of those buds still aren’t open


I have one or two trees at green tip. Other than that, they’re all still dormant or at silver tip. With the forecast, it sounds like it will be at least two weeks until I see a fruit tree blossom.


Looks great. And congratulations!

…I think I am only 2/3 good. Seedlings and also G890 didn’t take as well as I had hoped. G202, B9 and B118 all in the 80% or better I think.