How far along are your trees 2019?


Granny Smith, 3 years in the ground.


what else is growing in those pots?


Weeds! I just plucked most of them an hour or so ago. The soil in the pots is from my wife’s childhood farm, where cattle were raised for many years. Very black/organic/rich/weed-seed-filled. Good stuff as long as I can stay ahead of the weeds.


This was loring a few weeks ago


Starting to move along a little faster here.

Apple seedling (probably from Honeycrisp fruit)…hmmmmmm… looks like a crab…

Lavina i think-- lots and lots of blooms

shaa-kar-pareh–this is potted…whole tree is one big bloom

Either spring satin or satsuma


Not Spring Satin, I think


What a strange year! My Stanley plum tree is now in full bloom - first tree to flower, when it has always been by far the last.


It’s a strange year alright…apples, pears, walnuts, locusts, oaks, maples,…and the list goes on…will have heavy fruit set here in KY this year. (Peaches or apricots were thinned by the cold though.) Oh, and pawpaws have set more than usual.


I couldn’t be more happy. We had no frost issues this year. Going to have plums peaches nectarines and even a few pears


Your fruit look about a month ahead of mine! Beautiful!


Wow… so far ahead. My first peaches/nectarines are just blooming (container)…

bees were thick…lots of honey, bumblee, etc.

I believe this is mainly just Krymsk 1 blooms…i need to cut it back and bud it over…i’ll wait until the bloom is done.

Lapins sweet cherry… sweet cherry has the best smelling flowers.


funny how we are in similar zone and my cherry hasn’t even shown a swollen bud. currants are about to leaf out. honey berry is swelling but no green yet. apple isn’t even awake at all yet and its a y. transparent. my russian mulberry is still buried halfway in my last snowbank. :wink:


First year to have blueberries…


Man I really want some blueberry


You have them. . . whether you’ll be eating them, or the birds, remains to be seen.:wink:


My money is on the birds…:slightly_smiling_face:


Birds get mine every year. Same with haskaps, mulberries, blackberries and anything else dark in color. I’m trying to outproduce what the birds can eat at this point or will have to figure out how to net my eclectic plantings.


This is true…they get most of my mulberries…

However, I do have some cats that deserve a bid. Especially with these bushes still low to the ground they will be watching…


My Black Gold, sweet cherry tree. Very productive. Loaded every year. I prune it to about 5 ft tall in an umbrella shape. It is convenient to net the whole tree.


i wish i could grow sweet cherry here. there are some cultivars that are marginally hardy but the romance series sour cherries are just as sweet but more tartness and are z2 hardy so i guess they will have to fill the sweet cherry niche here.