How far along are your trees 2019?



Inground uncovered figs finally showing some movement.


My pears—so excited that I have three varieties this year





Congrats. I have one confirmed Moonglow and three Orient, so I’ve been keeping a close tab on them!


My little Cherry tree from the Soil and Water conservation sale years ago. This tree got moved about 3 times but kept chugging along. It’s just shy of full bloom, but usually doesn’t produce more than a couple cherries. I’m not sure what variety it is, the S&W Tree sale never identifies what cherry they’re selling. I bought two Montmorency to ad some pollinators for it, but it could well be a Montmorency itself.


i just grafted 2 pear varieties on 4 branches of my 8ft. mountain ash. hopefully they take. this mountain ash is a volunteer that sprouted on a old spruce stump and is particularly vigorous. should be a great pear producer. grafted harvest queen and seckel.


i too have a montmorency. I’m hoping the U of SK cherries and my polish morello cherry can cross pollinate which each other. i never thought monty. needed a pollinator. thought they were all self pollinating.


That’s my understanding too, so my theory was if the tree was Montmorency it would be producing fruit. Therefore, if it’s not ,the Monty’s will provide the cross pollination it needs. OR, I’ll just have to buy more cherry varieties… strictly for pollination purposes of course.


can never have too many cherries . :wink:


Just updating some tree photos.


I love it, what a beautiful tree! It’ll be even better once you get it producing.


Here is my Black Tartarian.

Sweet Treat


My new monty



Your trees are beautiful John. I’m definitely going to have to prune the Montmorency’s to a central leader, especially since they’re on Mahaleb. Your photo’s actually answer a question I had about what form to prune these new trees to.


Osage Blackberry

Kiowa Blackberry


Craig’s Crimson

Unknown super early yellow peach from Lowe’s

Sweet Treat

Ayers Pear

Arctic Blaze

Spice Zee



I typically let my trees grow tall so the deer don’t prune them. This tree has the central leader cut at five foot and branched out from there last year. I haven’t done any pruning. It should get roundish on top like @mrsg47 tree. I let two of my sweet cherries go too long and they are out of control in height. If I grow any more sweet cherries I think I would do the KGB to keep them smaller. My other monty I didn’t prune, except to get scions is taking on a good shape all on its own. It just gets shaded by my sweet cherries though. I am still thinking of digging it up to move it. I might give it to my sister next year. After watching @joleneakamama dig up those big trees by the numbers I should be able to handle at least one.


Most of these are two year old!

Fuji Apples

Beauty Plum

Apricot in a pot


Pakistan Mulberry in 5 gallon pot.



Johnny, one winter I top worked my Montmorency and it worked miracles for the tree. It has been round and totally full of blossoms and then cherries ever since. Time to do it again this winter, but I hope someone else does it!


What variety is the apricot?


Moorpark .


I grafted it this year, will look forward to your opinion on how it tastes.