How far along are your trees 2019?


Nice pictures Naeem.Going to leave all those fruits on the Peach tree(s)?bb


Thanks . My trees are too small will remove about 75% peaches in few days.


Nice looking fruit. How old are your cherry trees and how do they do in the summer in north Texas?


We thought this flowering crab was dying a few years ago, but it is now as full as it ever has been. It was already an old tree when we moved here 18 years ago. Anyone have a guess as to the variety?


I think they are ~4 years in the ground. This is the first year to produce any significant fruit. They seem to handle the summers fine. We have had some mild summers the last few though so that is subject to change. I have them both in a raised bed.


What is “top worked”?


Could be Radiant

They were planted a lot before people realized how much they were prone to scab


Topworking a tree refers to grafting high up in the tree on main branches. I really take many of the main branches out of the center of the tree and graft onto the outer circle of branches. Except for my apple trees all of my other trees are ‘open center’ or vase pruned. In short it is a grafting term.


Thanks. I’m pretty sure you are right, Once I knew what to look for when checking further online, the characteristics described match up very well.


Beautiful tree shape, Tippy!


So glad to see you back.


Updated photos:

Jiro Persimmon

Potted Brown Turkey Fig

Potted Meyer Lemon

A plum, three varieties have set small fruit

A cherry, three varieties have set a few fruits,including Lapins, Bing, and 2 cherries on Montmorency. Lapins has set the most fruits so far.


I never had trouble with the birds getting my blueberries, I just couldn’t keep the bushes alive more than 2 or 3 years despite amending the soil with peat and adding the recommended amount of sulfur. Got a few good crops.
The property is mostly timber with lots of wild cherry, mulberry, gooseberry, black raspberry, grape, autumn olive, etc, etc. I think the abundance of wild fruit has so far distracted the birds from my plantings… crossing fingers!


Some updated pics.

Alkmene apples, a lot of fruitlets have disappeared from this tree, as well as other trees. I’m guessing birds, not squirrels, deer or even insects, as the whole bloom cluster is taken. I wouldn’t have allowed all the apples to mature on the Alkie anyway, as it’s way too small to support all that fruit, but it’s still worrisome to see.

Suncrisp apples

Moonglow pear

Orient pear, already turning a redder shade. Makes me wonder if it’s really Orient? Can others growing this pear confirm this, like @Auburn or @k8tpayaso ?

Harrow Sweet pear

Unknown tip bearing apple on fenceline

Milam apples

Liberty apples, already becoming quite large, very excited about these.

Grimes Golden apple, another tree that’s lost quite a few fruit clusters

Some wild plums, some have been hit by PC, but getting some clean fruit after spraying with Surround. This and other trees need another coating soon, we got some heavy rain Sat night. PC damage on all the trees doesn’t seem to be that bad, maybe because we’ve not had a lot of warm nights?

I might have mentioned last week that my Pristine apple bloomed again on the end of an upswept branch. Today I noticed some fireblighty looking foliage where the blooms were, so I’ll need to prune that out pronto.


Hosui pear

Unknown pear



Here’s some more.

Stanley plum. Has its first fruit on it this year.

The two to the left are Nanking’s and the one on the right is aronia.

Blueberries are loaded.

Elderberries. These have become one of our family staples. Grew enough to make enough syrup for all winter.


Tell us how you like LIBERTY when it gets ripe. It’s fun to grow (trouble free), but the eating I didn’t care for.


Looks good. It appears you use Surround like me. How has it done for you, are your fruitlets pretty clean? I’ve had a few hits, PC probably, but overall not too bad. My pears don’t hardly have any Surround on them and look good so far, guess PC don’t care for them.


I will, if I can get them through the year without something getting them, although these are at the top of some upswept branches. So, prob ok from deer, squirrels, we’ll see.

I’ve tried some from Reed Valley, and they were pretty good, were a bit tart, but may get better with some storage. One thing that stood out about them to me is the coloring is a beautiful dark red.

Here’s a pic of some I took at the orchard a couple years ago.



planning on grafting that and williams pride to my y. transparent next year.