How far along are your trees?

Not sure if my pic posted but the leaves on my peaches have just started to come out. The flower buds are swollen bud no color yet. Japanese plums are just a couple of days from blooming. I’m near Kansas City Missouri. Let us know how spring is progressing in your area.

Here are some Japanese plums

And here are a few apricot buds.

Buds are just barely swelling, or showing no signs of spring here yet. Michigan, just north-east of Detroit.

Notmuch going on on fruit trees.but my daffodils are popping up.

All the stone fruit trees are in full bloom or a little past

Raspberry Red Nectarine

Spice Zee Nectaplum

Shiro and Santa Rosa Plum on multi-graft with a little Puget Gold Apricot

Flavor Grenade Pluot

Blue Jay Blueberry

Obsidian Blackberry

Empress Dwarf Peach


Oregon Grape grow wild here

Kentucky Champion Pawpaw seedling

Pakistan Mulberry


I’m sure it won’t be long for you guys. I actually was hoping it would stay cold a bit longer. Early blooming always leaves me a little uneasy.

Wow Brady those blooms look awesome. Hope mine look half as good.

Nothing here. I still have frost in the ground in a lot of areas. I actually had to chop through some ice to get my apricot planted the other day. My potted trees will probably start moving now that its been so warm.

Here in Northern CA , some of my trees already have 6" of new growth. Some of my pluots already have marble size fruits and my apriums are even bigger. I’ll be out doing a bunch of thinning tomorrow, I’ll try and get some pictures,

Western Montana, nothing for me, but I gather a few people in sheltered areas are seeing some budbreak. We do have crocuses now, but my garlic isn’t even up yet. Snow just moved off last month.

As promised, here are a few pictures of my trees taken today 3/14. I’ll try to upload more later, I took a bunch of pictures.

After 3 years of no fruit I my actually get to try my first Flavorella plumcot!!! fingers crossed

A bunch of Cot-n-Candy Apriums

Flavorosa Pluots AFTER a bunch of thinning. It’s my earliest and least favorite Pluot.

Flavor Supreme Pluots, one of my all time favorites.

My Flavor Supreme tree, it’s already put on over 8" of new growth in places

Did I ever mention that I hate you guys?? Lol!!! The closest I am to anything right now is my potted Spice Zee. I can see leaf buds popping right now. Everything in ground I’d still very much dormant even though our daytime highs have been mid 60’s for a few weeks.

I’m wondering if you could do me a favor and snap a pic close-up of the Spice Zee flowers. I’m wanting to see what to expect. And does Spice Zee normally flower from the same buds that peaches do (the triple sets)? What color are they when they are just starting to break?

Not Bradybb, but this is a picture of my Spice Zee take in mid Feb.

These 2 pics were taken today

A few more pictures taken today

Baby Flavor Grenade pluots

Donut peaches

sweet treat pluerries

dapple supreme pluots

Those are nice looking pictures of the trees and fruits Steve.I hope to get some like that,especially on Flavor Supreme,as I tried to hand pollinate quite a bit.Do your Nectarine and Peaches get Peach Leaf Curl?I’m seeing some,particularly on the Nectaplum,even though being sprayed about four times during Fall til now.
It’s been windy today and am not real familiar with my new phone’s camera yet,so this is the best shot of a Spice Zee flower I could make.I’m almost certain they have an arrangement like a Peach with a pink bud. Brady

Yes Roy,when Flavor Grenade bloomed for the first time last year,I marveled and really still do. Brady

Bradybb- I have noticed just a touch of leaf curl on my nectaplum and freckle face nectarine this year. None of my other peaches and nectarines have it yet. Last year there was barely any leaf curl also. It seems like I only get hammered with it during wetter winters, the past few winters have been very dry here. I spray liquid-cop around thanksgiving, new years and at bud popcorn stage and have had pretty good luck.

Here in Maritime SW Washington State, the earliest are about done blooming. For me that’s the genetic dwarf peaches, Shiro plum, Crimson Pointe plum (admittedly not considered a fruit tree - tasty but few and small) and Hollywood plum. The second group are starting, Toka plum, with Stanley and Gage barely starting to bloom. Behind them, Asian pears are barely starting to bloom. Apples still a ways to go. Pawpaws have swelling flower buds now.

Toka Plum. Behind Toka is an unknown plum or interspecific hybrid.

Honey Babe, Shiro, and Hollywood flowers - cut to use for pollinating.

Oregon Curl Free Peach

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Do they normally come from single buds, or do they normally happen from triples? My Spice Zee is really starting to wake up with little heads (not sure if leaf or flower) everywhere. that’s the one thing I don’t get since I haven’t had this tree flower yet. I have the same kind of growth coming from single buds, center buds on triples, and outside buds on triples. They’re seems to be no rhyme or reason. I was just out there today and it looked that way. Maybe I can see if I can get a picture when I bring it in for the night.

To tell the truth,I haven’t paid that much attention to the flowering of this variety.What intrigued me the most thus far,is the unusual and beautiful foliage.
It could be the Plum part that causes that budding anomaly.I think your questions will be answered as time goes on. Brady