How is your weather?


I don’t know about everybody else, but I sure do. Snow is just a big PITA to me


Yep. Here in Livermore as well!


Well it’s 80 degrees here today and the vast majority of my fruit trees and blueberry bushes think its time to wake up. By the end of next week most of my nectaplums, plums, peaches, pluots, apricots and blueberry bushes will be in full bloom. Given how early it is I don’t see a good fruit growing season here due to our late frosts (and we will most likely get some cold weather in March). @Chris_in_GA – are you seeing the same thing up north? Oh well, my honeybees are happy so there is a positive in all of this.


28F this morning and 9F now… about 4 or 5 inches of snow. Down down down go the temps.


We were very close this am 30°F and a chilly (for us) 53°F at 4:30pm local time.


It was crazy warm today but all my trees are thankfully still sleeping. I remember last year we had a warm February and a cold windy March, maybe we are in for a repeat.


80 F here today. Rabbiteye buds are on the move. Flame prince peach buds swelling a bit but still closed tightly. Southern Bartlett pear at tight cluster. Pineapple and golden boy pear showing green. Everything else sleeping still. We have had about 800 chilling hrs so far this year. Last year was over 1000.


-8 actual temp with a -34 windchill. It’s a bit breezy out there


About 12 degree outside, but is very windy. Feel very cold




This morning is at 13 degrees, with a high of 33 today. We have precipitation forecasted for the next 7/10 days. A major snowstorm came through Tuesday that snarled traffic and shut down some schools, which happens so infrequently here that the districts who closed will have to make up any day they missed since there are 0 built in snow days.


Its blowing 35 MPH right now, can’t see across the street here in Ludington, MI. Snowing like the dickens…


They still dont’ know how they are making up snow days here…they’ve had 4 and they have 1 free one…so who knows…generally they add on at end of year…they also talked about adding time onto the school day…

-2F here… but sunny. Should warm up quickly tomorrow into the 20Fs…and then near 30F…snow again Monday.

The northern plains into W canada look brutal mid/late Feb…hope that stays up there

Williston, ND is sitting at -33F…morning low of -43F… yum


Remember that 50+ page thread about California’s drought a couple of years ago? (It's Finally Raining in California!)
Finally we are looking healthy over on the West coast!!!



-30 windchill, but it isn’t too bad in the woods. Had to get out of the house so I went snowshoeing for a couple miles. I kept telling myself that people from the city pay to snowshoe in the woods on vacations :crazy_face:


At least for this year …


For sure. California is borderline desert at the best of times. But happy to not have irrigation restrictions heading into this upcoming summer!


You are super lucky! All 7 of my peaches (Challenger, Redskin, Winblo, O’Henry, etc) are about to set flowers. Hope things treat you better up north. Gonna be a terrible year for fruit here. :frowning:


I find the complimentary windshield washing station at the gas station particularly handy to get that pesky salty road grime off.


wonder what it takes to freeze that stuff