How is your weather?


More rain today! Yay! Started about 2 and is still coming down, and will probably last another 3 hours or so. I went out to cut some scion wood and it just started. It’s like geez, gimme 30 minutes to get this done. Nope. Got some pretty lively lightning too. Neither the wife nor the dog appreciated that. Needless to say the snow we got yesterday morning is all gone. But, it looks like the temps are normalizing, 50s and 60s all next week, with one night below freezing.


Raining pretty good up here and then it just switched over to heavy sleet. Roads are going to go to garbage fast.


Rained overnight, took care of most of the snow. Now we are back to a muddy mess. High was 39, Wind speeds around 30mph, gusts of 46mph. Lost an Adirondack chair off the porch…someone forgot to tie it down. It’s in a bunch of pieces now!


Blowing plus 40mph here right now. Suppose to get some serious precipitation next 24hrs…


Finally after a very chilly, rainy, month of February, there is hope at the end of the 10 day forecast!!
God help us a couple of +70°F days on the horizon. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunny::sunny:


It’s funny how relative weather can be. It was 40 here today and I felt hot in just a long-sleeved shirt.


I hear you. I have family in Canada and it’s tee shirts and shorts first 40-50° day come spring hehe


I was outside yesterday in a t shirt breaking ice and i was hot.

Wet sloppy snow…maybe 2 or 3 inches. Very heavy.


Got about 7" yesterday/last night. I’m so sick of snow. Friggin’ plow blew (another) hydraulic line as I was just finishing up plowing. Now I get to fix it (again). I have never been more ready for spring


I think Spring is coming next Friday for Us. The temp will be in the 50s. Fingers crossed. Still got about a foot of snow on the ground. Melting time!!



My neighbor has a 28" husqvarna that he says was almost not able to blow this snow because of how dense/wet it was.

Flooding is our next issue.

I’m ready for weeks and weeks of 80F and sun. I want drought. Super drought. Months with no rain. I want to not have to mow all summer.


GFS says mid 50Fs Thurs here with over an inch of rain. That should be interesting. What a mess. The snow on the ground here is basically glacier at this point. Super dense//ice//packed down.


I was expecting wet, heavy snow too. The weather guessers kept calling it “concrete like” snow. The snow I got was not wet or heavy. It is now blowing and drifting in 30+mph winds.


I told my neighbor i’m getting one of those snowblowers with tank treads that drives itself and blows snow over the top of the house.

We ended up with 2.8"…pretty common amount around here.


Sorry about you folks to the north, but I think Spring arrived in Kentucky today…(or yesterday, although it was rainy and couldn’t enjoy being outside in the evening). bb


It’s kinda looking like early spring might show up here on Tues

Yesterday’s rain pretty much melted the remains of our snowpack



I see rabbits have been hanging around, probably waiting to nibble whatever pops up in the next few days!

Here there is still deep snow, but now there are deep puddles, too! Puddles so deep i am a little nervous to drive through. :laughing: a friend of mine went through an especially deep puddle here a few years back and completely ruined her cars’ engine.


Yes, ever since my cat died last summer, I have an army of wabbits moved into my yard. I am thunking about when the spring comes what kind veggies I can grow that wabbits dont eat. Frankly, I have not found any veggies that I like that wabbits dont eat so far. I was walking in the yard the other day and discovered my Spring Satin I planted last fall was pruned down to less than a foot and half tall and no branches left😭


The warmth this week looks pretty impressive. The humidity should also increase along with rain is going to cause a fast melt… Going to be fun to watch. GFS even hinting at 60Fs in the extended…