How is your weather?





83F today and then summer comes roaring back. 90F Fri/Sat/Sun and 93F Monday… but the REAL heat shows up on the EURO at day 9 (week from this weekend)… holy cakes… get your ACs ready. Can i finally see 100F in my backyard? Probably looking at this.


Looks dry, too




This means that the storm track will follow the Mississippi River for days. The rain it dumps through next week will still find its way back to areas that have already been dealing with flooding. More will assume that the lack of the hurricane designation in the forecast will mean that danger has passed, but trouble could be ongoing for a long while yet.



92F/68F…heat index around 96F… looks like we go for a nice streak of 90F or better the next week or so. It warms (at least 850s do) as we go into late week…so better shot at mid 90Fs or that elusive 100F mark.

it has been above 60F every hour this month…go back to June 22nd when it was 57F to find a cool night.


Watering constantly


Low 90fs here but lots of clouds betweeen some sun and it was also windy. Dew points still aren’t crazy high (right around 70F)…low this morning was 78F so that is the warmest overnight this year.

112F in Phoenix this afternoon.

Heavy rain/storms/flooding across Minneapolis and eastward into Wisconsin…that doesn’t make it this far south looking at the models.

My artichokes today…

They seem small? Oh…and the broccoli NEVER formed heads…it is still growing but i don’t think 90F and humid is good for them?


What looks like a faint hurricane band just materialized, but dissipated before it could fall here


It made it here last night but only dropped about 1/4 of rain and some wind. Maybe more tonite. The forecast has been all over the place. Hot and humid this afternoon.

We drove through corn country again yesterday. The corn has grown quite a bit since the last time. Tallest looked maybe 5 to 6 feet now. Lots of short stuff still. I didn’t see any that was tasseling yet. The heat has really helped.

Still haven’t had a ripe tomato.


Humid and steamy. Getting rain tomorrow from Hurricane Barry.


Picked a Spring Satin plumcot thing… wasn’t completely ripe yet… only 2 of them on the tree. oops. Looked nice.

Very humid here…dews in the low 70fs. Minneapolis getting pounded again by heavy rain. River down here is never going to go down. This is like the new normal it seems.

100F in Denver on Thursday… should be going toward upper 90Fs here end of week. 115F in Phoenix area this afternoon…mmmmm …Same tomorrow. Got to be hard for even AC to keep up in that kind of heat.


We got rain yesterday - about 1/2 inch, very welcome

I’ve got new plantings that were getting stressed from the hot/dry. My Citation nect had been dropping yellow leaves despite 3-in rain at the beginning of the month


I was glad to see rain both the past two days. we weren’t dry exactly…but better a little extra than drought. The hype about rain off “Barry” for Kentucky was mostly hype…heavy downpours in isolated spots, but no general widespread rain at all.


Rain later today and tomorrow.


Rain was right near here but only a few sprinkles. A flash flood watch is out for the entire area of SW wi/s MN and N Iowa… Heading for 91F today. heavy rains overnight…ugh…

95F tomorrow and 97F Friday… yikes. that is toasty for this area. So from -33F on January 31st to nearly 100F on July 19th… The year of extremes for sure.

It would appear that my Satsuma plum did set some fruit. I was looking and i found some plums that i thought were initially Lavina but they aren’t…only took until now to figure that out.


Cloudy all day here until the last half hour. Really helped keep the temps down so i’ll take it.

Storms last night were just loaded with lightning. Hugh crash of thunder woke us up about 2am…wife said she was too tired to go look if the house was on fire :slight_smile: About 3/10 of an inch of rain fell but a lot more fell south.

The NAEFS is hinting at a much cooler look in the late July to early Aug time period. So maybe something to look forward too. Give the AC a break for a day or 3.