How to clean a saw?

Never thought I would ever use a saw…growing up in a city, having handy father and hubby…Never dreamed of enjoying one and being protective of it:slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for a lead on this forum I bought a saw, and I’m loving it! Trimming is so much easier now, not relying on others feels great. Ususallu I wipe it after each use, But, today the sticky sap from fig tree stayed on. Could you tell me how to clean it?


I generally clean tree tools with spray oil. WD40, or PB Blaster takes the stuff off for me and lubes the tool as well.


I use gun oil (CLP). Seems to clean a bit better than WD40 to me.

Use linseed oil onthe handle if it is wood.

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After spraying with oil, do I need to remove wood debris between teeth?

I don’t clean the wood between the teeth. Most good tree tools have a pretty good chrome finish on the steel and seem to last a long time without meticulous cleaning.

Air compressor or a stiff bristle brush would work.

Thank you so much for your help! I have seen WD 40 in the garage somewhere. Good thing I asked before using acetone.

Acetone wouldn’t hurt either, but it’s hard on your hands.

Something like WD40 or gun oil will also provide a layer of protection against rust or corrosion if this is a tool you don’t use frequently, you store your tools in less than ideal conditions, or if you don’t get everything during cleanup.

I use CLP (had quite a few extra bottles from time in the military) and it keeps things looking like new.

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I am a big fan of ether starting fluid as a cleaner.

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Ballistol is a new go to for me, as well.


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Thank you! You all are awesome!

Out of curiosity, would these oils work for cleaning a grafting knife as well?

I use a professional product meant to clean pruners and cutlery . I use it on grafting knives, pruning saws and loppers. If you start when the tool is new, and clean it after each use, or the end of the day, it will stay looking new. The product removes sap, and lubricates blade. I go through the stuff quickly as I seem to use my tools a lot. I have cut a hundred scion or so this year so far. Reminds me to order more. I use the ARS cleaning product, straight from Japan.
Here is my 3 or 4 year old ARS pruners. Photo taken today. I have left these outside a few days before too.

Here is the product

It is not cheap! It works well though, nothing better IMHO.
Once you have the spray bottle., or use your own and just buy the refill bottle which is 500ml, the spray bottle is 100, so the price is much better.

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Does anyone have a current US source for the large refill bottle (500ml) of ARS Blade Cleaner, #GO-5? Amazon no longer carries it; they have only the small spray bottle, #GO-1.

Nail polish remover is great for cleaning sappy pruning saws. And very cheap.

The ARS cleaner is a fantastic product. It not only cleans them it lubricates too My six year old pruners look brand new.

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I keep a spray bottle of 70% Isopropyl alcohol in my grafting bag. I use that to clean pruners, knife, and saw. For the saw I let it get nice and wet and then wipe it on my pant leg, with the dull side leading of course! If my pants are too dirty, or I’m finishing up, I may use a paper towel.

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Very true Murky! My pants are a catch all when working. That’s the clever, subtle, dual purpose of why they were invented. How could one wipe a dipstick naked from the bottom down? :wink:

Seriously, as a guy who has to prune more than is enjoyable, I almost never clean saws or pruners. I only oil them to keep corrosion from inflicting it’s damage. We keep a small oil can to oil these things (think the Tin man on the Wonderful World of Oz). That works pretty good for us.

When amazon is your only retail option they will only sell the products that jeff bezos owns and sustainable high quality products like the ARS cleaners just are not as financially viable as WD-40.

I didnt see anyone mention a toothbrush? I always use a toothbrush first and would reccomend the ARS or CLP cleaner / lubricant

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