How to grow and how not to grow loquat from seed

Neither myself nor my wife are experts at growing fruit tree from seed but she has had more time to gain greater experience.

Evidently she will take the seed ( whether it be loquat, mango etc ) and let it sit overnight wrapped in a soaking wet paper towel that is a mixture of water and a very minute amount of hydrogen peroxide.

After emptying out that solution the seed goes back into the bag using straight water which is changed out every few days. A few weeks later and we typically have seedlings.

I tried a mass germination and didnt change out the water after clearing it of the peroxide and this is what I come home to find.

Since Ive shown the best way to fail I am hoping someone will share their best technique for success.

I sure hope my wife has better luck with the seedlings she has placed within these bags

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Mine were put in a damp paper towel and then inside a small Tupperware type container,which sits on top of a refrigerator.They aren’t treated with hydrogen peroxide,but that’s not a bad idea.
By the way,I may be able send some seeds,from the big Seattle tree,later in the Summer,if wanted.The fruit is good flavored.

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That would be great

I answered elsewhere but you are setting yourself up for a long wait if growing from seed. 5-10 years. But you will get new and possibly interesting varieties this way.