How walls are white washed and painted in Uzes

The painters, stucco, repairers were here for two and a half days. They were impeccable . What was surprising is that my landlord forgot to tell me they were coming and on the first day, I’m sitting at the table having breakfast and it was like three ninjas’ appeared on my terrace. Short of screaming they stopped and in broken English said ‘Is this OK?’ I thought to rob me no. . . But there was only a wooden door with glass panes dividing us. They showed me the back of their tee shirts which said ‘ Acro Gecko

’. Loosely translated into ‘flying or climbing lizard; and that is exactly what they were. Have a look! Really nice, funny guys. They tried to speak English, but my French was better and my dog loved them!


Very interesting. TY for posting this. I hope you are doing well there.


Very satisfying that they reverted to your French, I’m sure.

The landlord must have told them you were Anglophone

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Thanks so much for sharing this! I live vicariously through your postings and pictures. Tu es inspirante!

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The landlord said nothing.