Hybrid Grape Southern Home


Thanks, Bill


It does not have that “foxy” muscadine taste, but is close enough to say Welsh’s Grape Juice.

Well, 4/5ths is fairly close to full blood southern. :wink:


Thanks Richard and welcome back


This is an updated picture of the Southern Home hybrid muscadine-grape fruit.


As of right now this Hybrid has exceeded my expectations. It has a sizable crop for a vine that was planted in 2015.


About pea size now …


The Southern Home grapes are getting larger but showing no signs of ripening.


Mine are at the same stage now. :slight_smile:


20160811 Southern Home Grape with first fruit to start ripening
(Muscadinia have 40 chromosomes as compared to the 38 chromosomes
of Euvitis) I don’t know how many chromosomes is in this grape.


As of now the Southern Home muscadine is ripening a few fruits at a time so I’m assuming they will continue at the same rate of maturing. Good for munching over a long period of time. All the fruit on my Lane muscadine is ripe now.


What a difference a few days make in ripening. This muscadine is about the size of many wild ones that I have seen. When it it ripe it is very sweet and a flavor much like the best uncultivated ones I have had. The vine has been a vigorous grower and produced a large amount of fruit to have been planted in 2015.



Those are gorgeous! They look almost iridescent.


Mine aren’t far behind :smile:


Pick most of my Southern Home Muscadine/Grapes today.



If anyone grows the Southern Home grape I hope these pictures and updates will be a useful reference.


Today I picked this small bunch to test. Not ripe, but wow what a color!


The ones I picked this morning could use a little more ripening time but I noticed that I had a visitor last night so I went ahead and picked them. Baased on the amount of grapes this year I’m optistic for next year.


Today we picked several small bunches that have jet black grapes on the exterior and purplish grapes on the interior of the bunch. No hint of sourness, full of flavor, and pleasantly sweet – I’ll guess brix in the mid-teens. Absolutely Delicious!!


They look delicious Richard. My vine is about 16’ long so I anticipate a much larger crop next season.


Thanks for the update Bill and Richard. I may have to give these a try at some point. I just finished picking the last of the wild muscadines I’ve seen in the area near me.