Hybrid Grape Southern Home


This morning I pruned back my “T” espalier and found a Mourning Dove nest along the way!



Springing to life …


has anybody made wine from this grape? if so, how was it?


Pruned ours yesterday :slight_smile:


Richard/Everybody, just a few observations on “Southern Home” grape hybrid. Leaves are ornamental in their own right being midway between the serrated rounded muscadine and more deeply lobed vinifera. Vine is quite vigorous with absolutely (thus far) NO issues with any disease or insects. Fruit is average or smallish but plentiful. Found last season if it hangs on for awhile after turning entirely black it gets even sweeter. As for flavor when compared directly with a pure muscadine its more grapelike and very good. A winner in my book. Need to get out and prune mine soon. Yall enjoy if you are growing…if not maybe give it a try?!? Randy/GA


I was ordering some seeds from Baker Creek and saw they had a little collection of muscadines. Small plants, but cheap. Supposedly it’s suppose to be Southern Home, Fry, and Noble. I don’t have any of these, so figured why not. I’m going to try to grow Southern Home in the front of my house on something you’d toss climbing roses or the like on. Hopefully it’s “ornamental” enough to not getting any second looks from the HOA.

Here’s the link if anyone needs a few, cheap vines.


I believe these are tissue culture they obtain from AgriStarts.


Yes, itty bitty things. I’m in no hurry.


The TC grapes grow quite rapidly. I used to buy them from AgriStarts in trays of 72.


No kidding? That’s interesting. I always heard the opposite with figs. I assumed the same for grapes. Nice thing to be wrong about.


Chad, FYI Southern Home is VERY vigorous. Tend to think it will make a great support structure. The leaves are quite ornamental as well being lobed and looking something between a vinifera grape and a muscadine. The fruit is not like either muscadine or vinifera…its a keeper in my garden. Good luck. Randy/GA


Yes! It had no problem clamoring up this 8 ft. vertical and spreading out on a horizontal trellis.



Well, it looks like I got myself a Southern Home vine. Tiny thing. I need to figure out if the other two are worth keeping(Alachua and Delicious).


First harvest this year – almost 2 months later than usual.