Hybrid persimmon flowering -- some data points

This is not a huge deal, but maybe the info will be useful to someone.

  1. I planted Kassandra in 2017. It was a good sized (2 yr?) tree from England’s. It has grown well, but until now it has produced few flowers and no fruit. This year (#6 here), there are lots of flowers. I’d be surprised if there is no fruit. Fingers crossed.

  2. Last year (2021) I grafted JT-02 / Mikkusu in three places: (1) on a small DV rootstock tree, (2) on an established tree of the Asian PCNA variety Ichi Ki Kei Jiro, and (3) on an established tree of the American variety Prok. Now 1 year later, there’s a decent number of flowers on all three. From appearances, JT-02 seems very precocious.


Very cool! I’ve heard Mikkusu is supposed to be precocious. So far, no flowers for me on my third leaf tree. It’s putting on a healthy amount of growth right now, so hopefully next year!

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Interesting, I grafted JT-02 & Kassandra this year. I remember reading that Kassandra was described as notably precocious.


JT-02 grafted on a Prok in 2019. Flowered last year. No fruit set. A lot more flowers this year, not sure if any fruit will set. The tree itself is a small A persimmon seedling.

A potted Kassandra given to me by a very generous friend. Planted in ground last fall. Flowers are showing up on this 3 ft tall tree.


Nice! You’re raising the bar. I’ll have to supply some pictures.

Fwiw, one of my grafts of JT-02 onto Prok set and ripened two fruits last year, it’s first. I picked them too soon to learn anything.

Seeing is believing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am a visual learner. I like to see pics than reading a description.

I am impressed you got JT-02 to fruit successfully. I don’t have any male persimmon so excessive fruit drops is expected. My Nikita’s Gift dropped 99% of its fruit for a couple of years in a row now.


As precocious as JT-02 obviously is, it’s not enough to overcome inadvised rookie mistakes. I got a couple of scions from a generous GF contact for my first foray into grafting last year, and tried my hand at cleft grafts. To my delight they took, and grew about 6”. However… I did the grafts kinda late, in mid-August. The precocious nature of JT-02 was not enough to get fully calloused to make it through the winter. :confounded: So, I’ve got to try again, probably next year when scions can be had again - unless someone still has some refrigerated and PMs me!

@Yoda – All of mine got used up in the top work. But there’ll be more next year.

Meanwhile, speaking of “rookie mistakes” – One of my grafts grew extremely well. By August there were multiple branches 2-3’ long with lots of leaves. Then we had a huge windstorm and it demolished the graft. I would have been much better off if I had pruned the graft to one shoot.

Your JT-02 looks like typical virginiana, also the flower buds are typical for the american persimmon.
My JT-02 (source England) looks much different.

That would be bad. Got it from a member. I got JT-02 from two different people. I will post pics from another source for you to see if both are imposter.

Here is another JT-02.

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This one looks more like JT-02.


Thank you, Harbin. Will graft the other over.

@Harbin – My eye is untrained. What characteristics are you using to identify the variety?

On my JT-02, I see a variety of leaf shapes. Some are more like this picture, and some are more like your first picture. If I recall correctly, I didn’t notice much of a difference between JT-02 and Prok leaves when they were younger, but I do see significant differences this year.

The first pic is a 4 yr old tree in ground and is growing vigorously.

The second pic is a 2 yr old in pot, grows as best as I hope for for a tiny tree.

I can’t tell if differences of leaves if they are not obvious. Same as pear leaves. They look pretty much the same to me :joy:

Here’s the 1-yr old JT-02 that I grafted last year. It’s roughly 4 1/2’ tall. I’m gradually reducing side shoots to end up with 4 scaffolds.


This is Kassandra, roughly 12’ tall.


Do you know what rootstock it is on? I have found grafting persimmons confusing. My real JT grafted on Prok died. So did my Kam Tam on Nikita’s Gift. They allgrew well for a year or two and died.

This is Prok, seriously top-worked. It’s ~12’ now after serious pruning. The orange tape is temporary labels so I can remember what is where. There are 6 different varieties grafted. Fingers crossed on that. I’ve left some growth on Prok at the top to nurse the rest.

Circled at the left are two grafts of JT-02 from last year, followed by a close up of flower buds.