Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Well done, Martin.


Yes, all of them are seedless. I don’t have male plant, actually don’t know even if I have it will it be pollinated. Nikitas gift is also seedless. But this year no fruits because I transplanted it. Again :smirk: but it’s alive and that’s only matters.


From left to right:
Kasandra, Nikita’s gift, Zima khurma, and Sestronka NB-02.

Zima Khurma and Sestronka fruited for me the first time this year. Zima Khurma is excellent! Haven’t tried NB-02 yet. Only criticism of Kasandra is that the bottom of the fruit ripens much quicker than the top (calyx), meaning that you’ll taste some astringency at the top while the bottom is delicious.


From bottom to top for photo above, beginning with Kasandra


Looks like NB-02 was the biggest of the four varieties. Congrats!


It is huge! Too bad it is not cold hardy for your zone. If it was, I could see it becoming a northern grower’s competitor to Hachiya.


Ahhh… why am I so tempting to have more varieties of persimmons? How many is enough?:thinking:
When look at photos of new varieties , or those which I don’t have, I suddenly want to have it and try it :drooling_face:
Few years back when I managed to get 2 plants I couldn’t imagine that I will have 4-5 times more varieties. Not yet as a trees, only grafted branches on single tree but will graft them on rootstocks. Luckily I have more than 20 !
I’m afraid when my only asimina tree produce fruit and I try it that I will have the same urge :grinning:


Question: Is it NB-02 or NB-21?

I have grafts of JT-02(Mikkusu), but my Sestronka scionwood was labelled NB-21…just want to get them straight.


@Lucky_P NB-21 is Sestronka


@Lucky_P you are right, my mistake. NB-21 is Sestronka.


Mine too - I thought Zima khurma was supposed to be NB-02 and Sestronka was NB-21


Has Sestronka been reasonably hardy for you in NJ?


I have not had any hardiness issues with this variety. However, next polar vortex will be a test. I have fuyus that survived polar vortexes with moderate dieback, so I would expect the same for this variety.


How cold was at that time?


I believe 0F - 5F. Don’t want people to think fuyus are hardy in that range though. I would only expect mature trees to survive, but with some dieback.


That’s not bad.


Hey guys, this comes to me in an email from C. England:


I guess I had asked Cliff questions which he had responded, too, should that make sense.



Well I visited my cousins and gave them some fruits (i give more than I keep to myself) and luckily they have precise scale :sunglasses: I’ve decided to take photos of them,one of the bigger ones and one of the smaller ones.Their scale have possibility of changing the units so I took 3 photos of both of them so everyone here can easily see the difference without calculations. . :slightly_smiling_face: