Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


I had a chance to enjoy a JT-02 (Mikkusu kaki hybrid) persimmon today. I didn’t grow it. Cliff England was kind enough to send me a few with my fall order. But boy was it excellent! Rich and syrupy. The pictures below show JT-02 next to a normal size Hachiya persimmon. You can see that JT-02 is a mottled blue/black in the picture. Cliff says that’s not normal, that they’re normally completely orange but that he had a strange year for fruit (like many of us did). He also said the coloring doesn’t affect flavor

Pretty good size. The skin on JT-02 is a lot tougher and more leather-like than Hachiya.

As for flavor, these were excellent. Rich and dense with a butterscotch/honey/apricot/persimmon flavor. By comparison, they made Hachiya taste like honey-water while JT-02 was more of a syrup. The best part was I found a few seeds to grow out. Exciting night for me!


It sounded delicious. So, it is not cold hardy for us?

Wish you success growing out those seeds.


It is cold hardy. Cliff tested it to -16, I believe. I think @tonyOmahaz5 is growing it.


Hybrid Persimmons sound interesting!

The site here has a few 3rd generation Hybrids:

I would like to know more about these … the descriptions are very minimalistic on this website.

Does anyone have experience with them? (Besides Nikitas Gift and Rosseyanka)


Cliff is a wealth of information and a good man. I was on the phone with him today!


Most of them are newer Ukrainian selections and it’s possible some are the seller’s creation since he is also active breeder - not just persimmons but also paw paws from what I heard. That place is only about 10min driving from my place.


Wow nice to know that you are near him :slight_smile:

Just took me 2h to drive to him.

Maybe ill get 2 of his Hybrids … but i cant plant more now atm ^^

I tried to get some of the early pawpaws (Halvin, Summer Delight, Kentucky Champion) from him … but he did not have them in stock.

Instead, i got the American Persimmons H118 and H120.

I hope i can get some of the pawpaw varieties that i mentioned in the future.

They are pretty rare in europe.


His stock goes out pretty fast. It’s good to call around May and reserve them. I think he gets more plants after July but those sell out quick as well.
You can also check here but ask about availability before you go all the way up there :wink:


Thank you for the link!

Wow, what nice collection of Persimmons and Jujubes!

Would like to get one of these Asian Persiommons:

Hyakume, Zenjimaru, Nishimura wase / Izu

And also the Hybrid NB-21, this one seems to be good!

This place is really close to my sisters home, just 30 min away.

I can combine that with a visit.




Ill see if i can buy the new “Superosijanka” Mutation from Pavel this year!

Would like to know how it compares to the regular Rosijanka!



Potting up some cold stratified JT-02 seeds. Come on fall of 2022!



I hope they all sprout. I bury five Nikita’s Gift seeds last week. Will see if they sprout for me.



Thanks Tony. I’ve had good germination rates with NG and Risseyanka seeds in the past. I’ve got 10 JT02 seeds total. I’m starting six inside and will do four directly in the ground.

Good luck with yours too.


Thinking of grafting some hybrids to my mature lotus persimmons. How is everyone doing with the hybrids?


Rossyanka and JT-02 are the most cold hardy for me in Zone 5.



Taste is ok? Can they be grown without special protection? Is England’s the best place to get scion wood? Thank you!


I ordered a few Japanese persimmons from Willis orchard Company who claimed they were hardy to zone 6. Not True! They have died down to the rootstock which appears to be kaki. Now I am looking for something to graft onto them. I found a website http://www.nuttrees.net/persimmon.html that describes some promising options. @tonyOmahaz5 Have you tried Kasandra, Zima khurma =NB-02, Korea Kaki or Cinebuli?


Interesting. I’ve always considered growing them here, but we occasionally get down to -20F or colder. I’ve eaten them before and enjoy the flavor (when fully ripe), but I don’t care for the consistency and I’m curious what most of you do with them. There’s another thread on the board about raccoon damage and I have to admit to once making a huge pot of raccoon fruit paste bait out of some wild persimmon. It worked great.


Clark, what are you doing growing Lotus? was the intent as rootstock?



Rossyanka can handle the cold to -20F without no Winter damage. JT-02, I Winter protected​ it the first year and now on it 3rd leaf and can handle -12F for several nights the last few years. I got my scions from England.


I got a 7 years old Nikita’s Gift Hybrid. I have baby this one for all those years with Winter protection. The fruit is excellent but not very cold hardy for a Hybrid. Lots of died back at -10F. I liked Rossyanka a lot. Very productive and very cold hardy to -20 F. I Winter protected it the first year to get the bark harden.

JT-02 has very rich and sweet taste per Cliff and SMC.

I got 2 Kassandra but one of them died at -9F last Winter without protection and the other survived with protection. I will baby it for a couple more years to get it bigger and I will test it without any Winter protection. So it is not as cold hardy as Rossyanka and JT-02.

Chinebuli died at -9F.

I will topwork most my American persimmon understocks to JT-02 because of the excellent taste, cold hardy to my Zone 5 and the leaves are large just like a Kaki.