Hybridizing stone fruits


Ok all this hybrid talk has me interested . So I have a row of wild Chickasaw seedling plums starting to bloom . I bagged a branch of blossoms today that are not open yet . I have a Stanley starting to bloom . Think I will have a go at it to see what happens . I know it may not work but gonna try .


Once you use a small paint brush to pollinated that bagged branch then be sure to rebag it so no stray pollens can enter it until the petals fall.


F2 Peach x Almond hybrid seedling.


I wonder what would a [( plum x cherry)] x [((apricot x ( peach x nectarine))] hybrid would look like? Would that even be possible? What would the seed, fruit, and foliage would look like?


I have a hard enough time and lack patience for getting commercial trees to bare fruit, I don’t have any patience for creating my own hybrids.


Since this is my strong topic of interest, I have a lot of patience.


Nectarcot embryos developing inside flavor top nectarines.


I found this picture of nectarcots on pinterest, and by judging at the picture, the leaves resemble like that of a nectarine. So this means that it will be hard tell apart the hybrid seedlings from the standard nectarine seedlings. Well, I tagged the flowers that I pollinated with apricot pollen, but still, if the hybrids look exactly like a nectarine tree, I will have to wait three to four years until I find out which are hybrids and which aren’t by judging at the fruit.


The Nectamond in the making: A nectarine x almond embryo is developing inside this almond.


My proprietary Gardenberries, they are a cross between a Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan plum, seed parent, x Unknown pollen.

One scored a 24 brix and the other one a 27 brix.

I have a question for you, do these fruits look pure Myrobalan plums or more like a hybrid? The plum trees that are growing close to the myrobalan plum tree are Santa Rosa, a green skin plum, and Satsuma plum. And even closer, an F1 Moorpark Apricot. In comparasion to the seed parent, my gardenberry tree produces red leaves in Spring and Dark-Green leaves in Summer compared to red leaves throughout Spring and Summer.


The tree needs a pollinator, so most likely I will get interspecific hybrids from these trees. I used Marcona Almond and my proprietary peachmond as pollinators for my gardenberry.


My proprietary Peach, a cross between Elberta Peach, seed parent, x Unknown pollen.


pretty color and shape!


Brix was 15. It was part sweet and part bitter.


Yes, but still very beautiful. What is the purpose of the cross. What do you want to see in this fruit?


I have three seedlings of an Arctic Glo x Indian Free. Arctic Free! My goal was to have a peach or nectarine that ripens between these two. To me Arctic Glo is an amazing fruit. I wish i had time and space to try other peaches and nectarines. I have grafted some, but takes are rare, and such. Happy though I discovered Arctic Glo.
I’m huge on berries, and the red flesh and cranberry like flavor gives me that berry taste I crave. I grafted Red Haven so I have the traditional yellow now. Bred in Michigan it’s a good choice for my area.

Anyway I will grow these out and see what happens? Considering the good luck I had with Irene, my new raspberry cultivar, I have high hopes. Working now on some blackberry crosses, and also would like to grow out Nadia, and Flavor King seeds for fun.


The fruit tastes good, but it gets soft very quickly, so I’m planning to improve it by crossing it with a hard nectarine or with a Santa Rosa plum.

I apologize for the late reply, Mrs G. I thought that I had replied to your comment.


Here’s another one from the same tree.


If I was close to you I would for sure.


This is the same peach variety as of those pictures above, but fully ripe