Hybridizing stone fruits



Wow - love that inner glow! How does it taste?


It tastes like an Elberta peach but jucier.


Nice! You should keep this one and cross some other varieties into it like you said to keep it firm when fully ripe.Do you have a name for it? How about Inferno (fiery interior). The Inferno Peach series!


I’m going to create a line of red-flesh peaches and trade mark them as “Ruby” series.


Looks nice, I will have some red fleshed peaches too eventually. I got three seedlings going, I need time though. Indian Free x Arctic Glo. I just want a red fleshed peach that ripens before October, hoping these do. Arctic Glo ripens in August here. I need to compare the seedlings. One is in ground, two in pots. And nothing is as red as arctic Glo except maybe Indian Blood, and some of the Spanish peaches I have seen.


My proprietary F2 peach x almond hybrid is starting to leaf out again.


The Nectarine branch broke today due to the weight of the Nectarines. As a result, I had to remove them from the branch, crack the seeds, collect the kernels and place them into cold-stratification.

These are the same Flavor Top Nectarines that I pollinated with apricot pollen when they used to be flowers. So the there’s a great chance that each kernel could have Nectarine x Apricot interspecific hybrid embryos developing inside them.

The kernels will remain in cold stratification for two to three months or until they begin to germinate. After they start germinating, I will transplant them into their idividual pots and then seperate the hybrids from the non-hybrids.


Here it is again, my proprietary Soleil Peachmond, an interspecific hybrid beyween Elberta Peach, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent.


Luna Peachmond.


Is it for eating or for the pit?


I created it as a breeding stock for rootstocks and self-pollinating almonds.


how long does it take you from seed to fruit usually with the prunus family?


This variety germinated in 2013 and it first fruited in 2016.


Wow that’s quick! Very cool! I look forward to trying my hybrids.


Two more weeks and my proprietary SunRose Peacharines will be ripe. They are a cross between Elberta Peach, seed parent, x LeGrand Nectarine, pollen parent.


You have possible Nadia x Flavor King pluot and Flavor King Pluot x Indian Red peach hybrids?


I might release Sunrose Peacharine Scionwood this Winter.


Well if I was lucky and the seed grows.

Indian Free, I tried but none germinated that I thought could be crosses.


I just placed these two F1 nonpareil almond kernels

into cold stratification. I hand pollinated them with flavor top nectarine pollen.