Hybridizing stone fruits


thats amazing i have a good feeling about this one


You are young enough yet, that you might hit upon something great eventually. Best wishes in your endeavors.


If the cross is a success, in about three years or so, I will cross the Nectarcot with the Indian Free peach, then back to an apricot. My goal is to create an Apricot-like fruit that flowers late in the season.


I got three more Flavor Top Nectarine kernels that are starting to germinate, possible nectarcot seedlings?


The first Flavor Top Nectarine kernel that I planted already has a one inch tap root.


Here is how mine are doing. I just planted the Nadia in pot. I hope that It crossed with Candy Heart and vise versa. Summer Punch was a pit saved from fruit bought at Trader Joe’s.I thought that it was a great tasting variety. Family Tree farms is the grower. These will reveal themselves in the future.


A Nectamond?

This is from the F1 Nonpareil flowers that I hand-pollinated with Flavor Top Nectarine pollen. Thus, Nectarine x Almond= Nectamond.


My first Flavor Top Nectarine seedling, pollinated by F1 Moorpark Apricot pollen, is starting to germinate. Now the big question is, what would the foliage look like? I searched on the web, and I found this picture of Nectarcots and the foliage resembles exactly of a Nectarine. So if that’s the case, I won’t know which seedlings are hybrids and which aren’t until they start producing fruit.


what makes you uncertain that your crosses were pollinated with something else?


Since Flavor Top Nectarine is self-fertile, there’s a chance that the flowers could have self-pollinated during the pop-corn stage.


Here’s another picture of Nectarcots that I found on the web.3359_1


ahh i see, those nectarcots look good though, alot like plums but i’m sure the flavor is different.


Here are some progress photos of my Nadia hybrid. The secondary leaves are jagged like that of a cherry leaf. Interesting! Or will the edges of the leaves eventually smooth out like that of a plum, pluot, pluerry or plumcot?


Interesting! What pollinators did you used?


A Candy Heart branch was closest about 8 inches crossing. Other pollinators were int the area including, Burgundy, Elephant Heart, Flavor King, Sugar Twist and Sweet Treat, these cannot be ruled out. I did not isolate and cover the blossoms after they were pollinated. This season I will read up and cross pollinate the right way so that other pollinator variables will be eliminated. This season I wanted to gain experience growing out pits. I have two Candy Heart hybrid seedlings almost ready to plant along with a Summer Punch one. The Candy Heart hybrid leaves in the photos look almost like a mulberry leaf at this stage. Will the serrated edges scale up when the leaves grow larger? That is the question. Is this cross picking up some cherry leaf traits? we will find out in a few weeks.


To me the foliage looks between cherry and apricot, so probably it was pollinated by Candy Heart Pluerry. Candy Heart’s parentage is half apricot, so that could explain it’s apricot-like leaves.


I grew out several peach and plum/peach hybrids a few years ago. One of them makes plum shaped peaches. One makes peach shaped plums, and another has not yet fruited. One positive, I have a very good peach tree that makes a few bushels of delicious peaches every year.


That was the cross that I was hoping for! The leaves so far also resemble an apricot leaf in appearance. I hope that the fruit is more cherry like in flavor than either parent (not a sterile plant). Only time will tell.


Good job they look great! I will make a few crosses in the future once I have more established options. I did keep three seeds from Nadia. Just keeping them cold for now.
Hey do you guys remove them from the shells? I probably should prep the seeds.


I do.