Hybridizing stone fruits


Hey Ulises,

Jeez I don’t remember? I should have kept records, i did not. It would be good info to know, my bad. Check it weekly after a month.I kept it in paper towel in the fridge and they germinated at some point. I remember I had one round kernel, it never germinated. Follow what you did for the others you germinated. You have more experience than me at this point.


looks pretty good i can’t wait to see what happens


I have three Indian Free seedlings, I took photos of two of them a couple days ago.
I’m fairly sure all three have Arctic Glo as the pollen parent. IF is not self fertile.

Both first leaf.

Interesting that the container plant is doing better. Must be my superior container mix :rolling_eyes:


It would be awesome if you get a red-fleshed nectarine from this cross.


I have to cross it back, it should be a peach. I was thinking of crossing it back with the Nectaplum to increase size.We have Arctic Glo, it is better than Indian Free if you ask me.I still like Indian Free a lot, it has more of a peach flavor. Arctic Glo is almost like a plum. If I had to pick one, it would be Glo.

Arctic Glo

I had so many this year I froze a bunch

So I’ll wit to test fruit on all three seedlings, and pick the best to cross back to Glo or the Nectaplum, or both.

So I alredy have a nice red fleshed peach and nectarine, what i want is a red fleshed peach or nectarine that ripens betrween the two, that was why I crossed them, to fill the season out. Here Glo is August 1st, plus or minus 7 days. And Indian free the last week of September to the first week of October.
I just harvested my Indian free, early this year! I harvested some fingerling potatoes too. Harvested on 9-23-17

I have so many I’m going to freeze some, gave a bunch away. I made Indian Free peach preserves too.


The preserves look delicious.


Speaking of growing from seed, I put in cold stratification today some seeds from Morus nigra (black mulberry). A user here from Bulgaria sent them to me. I also grew out a bunch of fig seeds I got from California from a user on the fig forums. I made three blackberry crosses this year and planted all seeds outside after scarification, let mother nature do the rest. I want only the tough plants that can germinate in this environment.

The figs are the most bizarre plants ever, requiring a wasp to produce seeds. The wasp was imported from Europe only establishing in some areas of California. A fig is not a fruit, it’s an inverted flower. Weirdest plant ever! Super easy to grow.


It doesnt have red flesh but arctic jay should be between those two, and at least here it is a very good white nectarine. Another one that has been very good for me is fantasia, and it should be between them as well. If your crosses don’t pan out those may be really good options for you


I want to graft both on my existing trees. I didn’t know Jay ripened then. yeah I need that one! I have wanted it for some time. Ripening time is icing on the cake! Thanks for the info! Nectarines are most awesome, any of them!


Double check me but I think jay is after glo. Fantasia for me is about 1 to 2 weeks after jay. The jay I had this year we’re on a potted tree, the ones I gave away at work got high praise.only had a couple of fantasia this year due to late freeze, but they were great, more acid than jay. I would describe jay as very sweet but not just sweet, reminds me of spice z to be honest, sweet with a really good flavor, where as fantasia is more of a clasic nectarine taste, but lots of sugar with the acid


I need that too. I found scion to Fantasia and Red Gold, just need Jay.


If my nectarine x apricot and peach x apricot hybrids are successful, I will be crossing them together in the future in order to obtain an apricot-like fruit with a taste of a nectarine and the juicyness of the peach.


that is a very good idea, i like the way you think
unnecesssary to think small when your breeding


the crosses i will try and make:
arctic jay x bubblegum plum
tangos x emerald beaut
weeping santa rosa x indian free

all peach x plum hybrids

i will be using plums as the seed parents
wish me luck


Good luck, hey the journey is the prize.


Good luck.


What are you going to name your peach x plum hybrids?

I will name mine peaplums.


i plan to graft some wood onto seedling lovell trees and give out for free
aswell as free scion

I have changed my breeding projects once again but this will be the final time
Indian Free X Weeping santa rosa - Weeping Indian
Arctic Jay X Emerald Beaut - Arctic Beauty
Tangos x Shiro - Shirgos
Bubblegum plum X Loring Peach or Honey Babe miniaiture peach (whichever is better tasting) -Bubblegum Pleach

thanks for asking


Here is is again, Calired F2 peach x almond hybrid:


A possible Nectarcot seedling?

Flavor Top Nectarine kernel is starting to germinate. This is from the flowers that I hand-pollinated with apricot pollen. Thus, Nectarine x Apricot = Nectarcot.