I finally understand why everyone is growing inter-specific fruit

After tonight’s tennis I go by a nearby Publixs to pick up a few items. As usual I walk through the fruit section and I see Flavor Grenade Pluots. Normally I take a look at the price and walk on by. Tonight I was hot, tired, and thirsty so I broke down and bagged a few. As soon as I got home I washed the pluots and told myself that I would test one and then eat dinner. After one was gone the other two disappeared very fast. You officially have my attention with these hybrid fruits and I’m looking for a slot in my orchard for one of these trees. Bill


FG is a winner. I shed a tear every time I harvest the last one of the season.


I usually like some acid with all that sugar but I too find FG very appealing and it is apparently one of the best for east coast conditions- at least as far south as the mid-atlantic. Haven’t heard from anyone as far south as Georgia, but it is the first I’d try there. Adams County Nursery still had some in inventory last I checked.

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Hi All,
I am in metro Atlanta, GA and I have not purchased the flavor grenade yet, but I intend to this fall. So far, I have had true success with the flavor supreme and I was fortunate enough to harvest one lone perfect fruit off the tree last year. This year, I messed up in early spring. I brought some of my containerized trees in from the cold due to the late freeze and left them in the kitchen for 2 days. I ruined all those beautiful blooms. The work of an amateur! (lol) But I assure you it won’t happen that way next year. My kitchen was too warm, I should have stored them in the garage as instructed but I forgot and I paid a big price. Anyway, I harvested a beautiful August Sensation Plum. It was definitely worth the wait. I had the tree 3 years. It has a nice floral and rich sweet taste. It was nice and juicy too. It reminded of eating a flavor king. I performed a few t-bud August Sensation plum grafts last week on a plum tree that was very bland and I hope that all goes well. I promise to post pics of this plum next time, but one bite and I kept on eating it until it disappeared! But getting back to pluots,
I have not suffered any of the things I thought I would living in Georgia where the weather is mostly humid and very hot. My flavor supreme is on citation rootstock and I keep all my trees sprayed, yet, from one season to the next, I (we) keep our fingers crossed that I (we) will reap a good harvest no matter what I (we) grow. I will let you all know how it goes with the Flavor Grenade when I harvest my first pluot. I have a 4-n-1 pluot tree and it has Dapple Dandy, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme and Flavor King. That one was brought into the kitchen too so I have no fruit to report about this year. However, I will let you know how the Flavor Grenade survives in this state when I get it.

Order now and you won’t be disappointed. Adams will ship in early spring for you.

It’s good to get input from someone nearby and perhaps a little warmer zone than I’m in. I planted three plum trees last winter and I’m short on space so I might bud onto my existing trees to save space. Bill

Unless I am missing something Adams County hasn’t updated their website for Spring shipped orders. I too would like to place an early order, have done my research and am itching to get my order in.

Alan, how long does it take (in general) for pluots to produce fruit?

i ordered the same 4x1 tree that ahgrower has but raintree botched up my order and by the time they shipped they only had 3x1 trees. The variety missing was Flavor Supreme. It broke my heart. I would’ve sacrificed the Dapple Dandy of Flavor queen in a heartbeat. So due to limited space my next combo tree I’ve like to have a Flavor Supreme/Flavor Grenade/Dapple Supreme tree.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but Dave Wilson’s website now lists a ton of new Pluots that were not previously available last year. I suppose many of those numbered varieties were finally given real names. I’d guess they have twice as many listed this year as compared to last. Anyone have experience with any of these new varieties?


What is with the surnames, such as “Flavor”, “Dapple”, “Crimson”, and “Honey”? Are they grouped by flavor profile?

I may have some Flavor Supreme scions available next Spring for grafting. Brady

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A vendor at the local farmers market gave me a Dapple Jack and the fruit was sweeter than Dapple Dandy and bigger too. Brady

The Dapples are all similar looking, a dappled appearance. But mostly the names are whatever the Zaiger’s were feeling at the time. For instance the Arctic series are mostly low acid white fleshed nectarines. But Arctic Glo is high acid, go figure.

Thanks Brady. I would definately be interested in some scionwood.

Thanks for the info regarding Adams County Nursery. I want to get the Flavor Grenade as soon as possible. I just bought 2 pieces of FG fruit from publix but I know I have to let them sit for a few days…I want to taste one (or plenty) from my own tree like Mr. Clint and Fruitnut and other members as well…I wanted to t-bud Flavor King grafts onto my less desirable fruit trees this summer but maybe by fall, I will have enough scions to store and save for early spring grafting…Its really hot here and since I am at work all day, I can’t mist the grafts to keep them moist so maybe early spring before budbreak may be the best time for me here in Georgia?

@fruitnut I guess I fail to understand Zaiger’s business strategy. It seems like they are overwhelming the market with way too many varieties that will make it difficult to establish a strong market. For the consumer, you want to keep it simple with memorable product differentiation. Then it needs to be readily available to the consumer to establish long-term demand.

I thought Zaiger might be categorizing them to indicate interchangeable varieties. For example, golden delicious is recognizable apple type. Supermarkets will often fill that bin with whatever variety of golden delicious type that is in season. As long as it has basic golden delicious characteristics, most consumer don’t even care what particular variety it is. Establishing a generic variety makes it easier from a marketing perspective.

ACN will update their website late summer, but they are already taking advanced orders for spring 2016. They do not ship in the fall and their current inventory on the website is what will be available for spring 2016 shipment. If the website indicates it is out of stock, then you won’t be able to get it for spring 2016.

They have hundreds more that we have no access to. The big growers are selecting fruits that look similar for season long marketing. I think most home growers like all the variety/varieties they can get, I do. Then I select the ones that work for me.

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For me, 3 years, like most J. plums. I actually consider it to be a J. plum.

That is what I would expect from an enthusiast, but I was looking at it from the prospective of casual buyers in supermarkets around the world.