I have a Parkland apple tree that is about to get fired

Planted in 2017, at the time a full size nursery tree wanting to push flowers and fruit. It has been one anemic year after anemic year ever since. In 2020 I thought it would die; it took forever to wake up, sparse growth, no flowers, and what little it greened up barely grew. It is waking yet again and unlike all the other apple trees it looks like it is contempt to continue with the anemic growth.

I’m thinking to outright take it out and replace it with something else. With no vigor at all I don’t even see the point of grafting anything to it.

I agree, I would take the tree out. I had a " full size" apple tree planted in about 2017-18. It stayed green but did not grow at all. I planted it and measured the height back then, it was 37". This year when I took it out it was 38". It was a waste of a growing space. I replaced it with a new apple tree.

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