I used to know what caused this


I found these little bumps on a few of my apples.

I used to know what caused these but my memory has lost that fact. Anyone find it?



Plum Curculio caused that.


That is called cat face.I will look and see what causes it. I thought it was caused by something other than a plum curculio. Perhaps I am wrong. I will look though some other books I have.




Catfacing is different, it produces lumpy depressions in the fruit. That discolored small lump is made by a curc bite that the fruit grew over



As I said in another post, this year I did not get into the orchard for the early Curc ( or any bug spray) spray.

The only saving grace was that this year, with the cold and wet spring, fruit set was awful and I guess the bad bugs were not as plentiful either.



Looks like I was wrong. I was told, by another member, what it was. I had to find the book he referred and I bought a copy of the book.
What it looks like is caused by a Tarnished Plant Bug. By what the book shows.
It says “Tarnish plant bugs feeding on young fruitlets can cause them to become disfigured and develop scars or corklike patches”. Looks like what I get on some of my apples as well.