In praise of the Fuerte avocado

Rather than threadjacking @Richard’s other thread with a completely off-topic discussion, I decided to continue it here.

I just happened to be browsing Greg Alder’s website, and came across his discussion of how Fuerte is so many people’s favorite avocado (including his own), so I figured I’d share an excerpt:

The adjective “nutty” is often used to describe the flavor of various avocados, but I think that it is most accurate for Fuerte. Is it hazelnut that the taste reminds me of? I can’t figure it out. But no other avocado has as distinctly a nutty flavor to me as Fuerte.

Fuerte’s texture is finer than Gwen, but not as smooth as Reed. It has the right amount of substance, especially when cut open at the right time. You don’t want to let a Fuerte get soft-ripe; they are best when firm-ripe.

I used to think that I was alone in still finding the Fuerte a notch tastier compared to all of the other excellent avocados available in the year 2020. Yet I continue to meet people like Jan, the farmer from South Africa, who have eaten many kinds of avocados and also still find the taste of Fuerte unsurpassed. Writes Gary Bender in Avocado Production in California, “The Fuerte is still thought by many in the avocado industry to be the best tasting.”

I agree :100: with that assessment. It’s one of my favorite avocados, and I’m sad it isn’t cold hardy enough for my project. Here was my review, partway through my first box this season:

Does anyone else have praise (or disdain) to share about Fuerte avocados?


Looks sooooo good!

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How can I find the rootstock for the Fuerte for clonal grafting. I live in Nashville, TN and am very interested in developing some avocados in the Fuerte and Duke lines. I have PMs in to JoeReal and would like to get more advice from those who know how to go about obtaining the proper rootstocks to get started.